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Dallas Cowboys2013 Roster: Final 53-Man Projection

In a couple of days, this will all mean nothing. Well, except to those who will use these to mock and revile us. But that's all part of the service here.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's all over but the visits from the Turk. The pre-season is officially done for the Dallas Cowboys, and now they have to figure out who goes and who gets the Star. Joey Ickes and I take one last shot at predicting things. See how much we changed since last time by going here.

Starters in bold.

Tom Ryle Joey Ickes
2 Quarterbacks 2
Romo After his performance against Houston, there really isn't much reason to fear Alex Tanney getting plucked, so he solidified his place on the PS. Romo
After Tanney failed to show much against Houston, you really have to be willing to let him hit the waiver wire.
Orton Orton
4 Running Backs 4
Murray Lance Dunbar will be the number two back, and may see a lot of work on passing downs. Murray This has been pretty solid since early in training camp, no changes here.
Dunbar Dunbar
Tanner Tanner
Randle Randle
6 Wide Receivers 5
Bryant Anthony Armstrong makes the team for depth. There is just too big a drop off between him and the PS eligible receivers, and you know someone will miss some games. Bryant I don't think you can keep 6 here. Armstrong didn't go out and make plays against Houston, so they'll only keep 5.
Austin Austin
Williams Williams
Harris Harris
Beasley Beasley
4 Tight Ends 4
Witten So what if the whole 12 package was just a smokescreen, and the team is going to run 11 personnel 90% of the time? Just sayin'. Witten
Still the same as it was at mini-camp.
Hanna Hanna
Escobar Escobar
Rosario Rosario
3 Offensive Tackles 4
Smith The whole Doug Free to guard is likely to mess this up. Will Demetress Bell wind up on the roster? (shudder) Smith I'm putting Bell in the mix here. If they really think Free can be an option at guard (I don't) then they'll need a swing guy.
Free Free
Parnell Parnell
6 Guards/Centers 5
Frederick I am planning on Nate Livings to go IR. But this mess with Free at guard is really confusing. Frederick With the team considering Free an option at guard, they can carry one fewer here, and one heavier at tackle. Kowalski is the victim here, although Costa didn't exactly wow me vs Houston.
Bernadeau Bernadeau
Leary Leary
Costa Arkin
Arkin Costa
9 Defensive Linemen 9
Ware Jay Ratliff is out for at least six weeks on PUP. I think Sean Lissemore is not going to make the team due to not fitting the 4-3. Ware DE: I just don't think this front office is married to Selvie, so by Sunday night I think they will have picked up someone probably from Seattle, Detroit or Cincinnati.

DT: With Ratliff on PUP Hayden and Hatcher become the starters, and Lance Cohen gets a spot on the squad. I don't think they're married to Lissemore but I think he'll end up on the squad.
Spencer Spencer
Wilber Wilber
Selvie (Free Agent)
Hatcher Hatcher
Hayden Hayden
Bass Lissemore
Cohen Cohen
Long Bass
6 Linebackers 7
Lee Caleb McSurdy got exposed in the Texans game. Basically he elevated Brandon Magee to the 53. Lee McSurdy played his way off my roster vs Houston, just a step slow all night. The starters could be the best unit on the team.
Carter Carter
Durant Durant
Sims Holloman
Holloman Magee
Magee Sims

C. Lawrence
5 Cornerbacks 5
Carr Sterling Moore is reported to be getting a real challenge from Micah Pellerin. Pellerin is PS eligible, so I think the team tries to hide him there. Carr I think Pellerin had a shot to make the team if he played outstanding vs Houston, but I didn't notice him much.
Claiborne Claiborne
Moore Scandrick
Webb Moore
Scandrick Webb
5 Safeties 5
Church Jeff Heath flat played his way onto the roster. Matt Johson sat his way into the team trying to sneak him onto the PS. Church In my (slightly biased) opinion, I think Heath can be as good as McCray on STs with more upside at the safety spot. I don't think the Cowboys will be ok with cutting Johnson, and seeing him start somewhere else by mid year. Their worst nightmare would be him picking off Romo in week 9 in a Giants uniform.
Allen Allen
Frampton Johnson
Wilcox Wilcox
Heath Heath
3 Specialists 3
Bailey Don't mess with success, even if special teams are a hot mess otherwise. Bailey No questions here... If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Jones Jones
LaDouceur LaDouceur
8 Practice Squad 8
Tanney Matt Johnson and Danny Coale are basically on the PS to get healthy without having to IR them, in the hope of having them available in a couple of weeks. But the team could go IR with both, depending on how their injuries are doing. Tanney This is subject to change based on who comes up available off waivers.
Coale Pellerin
C. Lawrence Benford
McSurdy Reed
Johnson Hamilton
Pellerin K. Lawrence
Benford Long
Coughman Brewer

That's our best guesses. We'll know the real answers soon.


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