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Dallas Cowboys Looking For Last-Minute Trades?

The Cowboys are working the phones for a trade. What can they offer a potential trading partner?


According to Bryan Broaddus, the Cowboys may be looking to get one or more player trades done before the 53-man roster deadline at 6:00 pm ET this evening.

There are a number of players who could be potential trade options

  • The prime candidate may be this year's forgotten man, Phil Costa. Here's a player NFL teams have enough film on, and who might be quite an attractive option for a center-needy team. Costa also has a very trade-friendly contract.
  • Our own rabblerousr has long speculated that Sean Lissemore might offer better value to a 3-4 team than he does the 2013 Cowboys. Lissemore apparently suffered a concussion on Thursday, so that may make a trade a little difficult.
  • For the right price, Dwayne Harris might also be a trade option. He's a good returner, teams also have film on him, and he may be a bit of a luxury on a team that has Bryant, Witten, Austin, Williams, Hanna and possibly Murray as receiving options ahead of him.
  • The Cowboys don't usually carry four RBs, so Phillip Tanner could be an option for a team thin at RB.
  • Did TE Andre Smith stand out enough in preseason action to attract possible suitors?
  • Never thought I'd write this, but the Cowboys look stacked at safety and also have some interesting CB prospects that might be attractive trade bait.

Those are just a few random options, there could be more players of course. But there could also be the option of using a draft pick as leverage in a trade, like last year's trade for Ryan Cook.

The Cowboys could be looking to trade any of these players for future draft picks, but the more likely scenario would be that they'll be looking at player-for-player trades that would bring a defensive end, guard or perhaps backup tackle to Dallas.

Which player would you offer up in a trade?


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