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Larry Allen, Bill Parcells NFL Hall Of Fame Speeches 2013 [VIDEO]

In case you missed it, the speeches from Larry Allen and Bill Parcells.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So, we finally kind of know who Larry Allen is; we, the fans, finally have a sense of the man. That was the absolute longest period of time I've ever seen Larry Allen speak, and I'm sure it was for all of you, too. Only his teammates or family have probably heard him speak for as long of a time in one setting. You know what? I like the guy. He seemed to be a genuinely caring person, when he talked about his kids he was choked up with emotion. He was that way for most of the speech. He also was a funny guy, his story on meeting his future wife was smoothly delivered and got the big laugh. You could tell he was nervous, but he handled it very well, and came away as a big winner on a night of winners.

The Bill Parcells speech was very typical Parcells. We already know his personality well, and he delivered as expected. The Tuna spoke of life-lessons, he spoke of himself, he spoke of caring for other coaches and players, and flashed a little of the Parcells humor. He came across as supremely sure of himself, and with good advice that you should consider. A little distant, but can instantly warm up when talking about a particular person. He's a contradiction in speaking styles, or rather he's a amalgamation of speaking styles, covering all the bases. You can see why he was a such a successful coach.

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