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Dallas Cowboys 2013 Roster: More 53-Man Projections (Post Hall Of Fame Game)

After watching the Hall of Fame game, there was only one thing to do. Make more 53-man roster predictions, so that's exactly what we did. Enjoy!

Jason Miller

The Dallas Cowboys have now completed two weeks of practice and played a meaningless pre-season game where the starters mostly sat and gossiped viciously about how the rookies dressed. Outside of one player going on IR, there is really not much to go on when trying to decide who makes the team as backups, and any attempt at a roster projection is basically guesswork and divination.

But we aren't going to let that stop us! Joey Ickes and I took a run at this after the minicamp, and now we present our post Hall of Fame roster projection extravaganza.

Tom Ryle Joey Ickes
2 Quarterbacks 2
Romo Only discussion regarding quarterbacks: Should the team stash Nick Stephens or Alex Tanney on the practice squad Romo Alex Tanney is an interesting guy and this spot could change over the rest of the pre-season, but so far. I'm betting on 2.
Orton Orton
4 Running Backs 4
Murray The Hall of Fame game just made me more convinced they go with these four backs. Murray We've seen Murray run it well, and all 3 of the other guys ran with purpose vs Miami. Dunbar is your COP back, and either Tanner or Randle become starters if Murray goes down.
Randle Randle
Dunbar Dunbar
Tanner Tanner
6 Wide Receivers 5
Bryant I still think the team goes with six. Anthony Armstrong is not PS eligible. I think team keeps him for his speed and stashes some young guys on the PS. Bryant I don't think there's any reason to keep 6 here. Eric Rogers could be intriguing, but with the way this team wants to use 2, 3, & even 4 TE's you need to go short somewhere.
Austin Austin
Williams Williams
Harris Harris
Beasley Beasley
4 Tight Ends 4
Witten Not quite ready to get on the five TE bandwagon. Tempted, yes. Ready, no. Witten
We saw the emphasis on TE's in the HoF game, and that was without the HoF'er at Y or Hanna playing the move guy.
Hanna Hanna
Escobar Escobar
Rosario Rosario
3 Offensive Tackles 3
Smith Parnell may be at risk if the team can find a good backup elsewhere. Or anywhere. Smith Let's be real, there's no competition at RT anymore. Parnell and Demetress Bell are in a race to get back on the field to win the spot.
Free Free
Parnell Parnell
6 Guards/Centers 6
Frederick I'm still standing by my contention that Livings is gone by the start of the season. I think his knee will not heal properly, or at least not in the eyes of the coaching staff. Bernadeau may supplant Arkin, but he's gotta win it on the field. Frederick After the way Leary played Sunday night, I would say he's about 85% of the way to winning the LG job. If Bernadeau can get back into the regular swing of practicing, the starters could be pretty good. Costa's lack of flex hurts him and he's out in the drop to 53. Livings will be inactive unless there's an injury that forces him to start. .
Arkin Bernadeau
Leary Leary
Costa Arkin
Bernadeau Livings
Kowalski Kowalski
9 Defensive Linemen 9
Ware DE: George Selvie may be the flavor of the week - but damn, he is a good one.

DT: Ben Bass offers a little position flex here.
Ware DE: SELVIE!!! After his performance on Sunday, I'm penciling him in here as Spencer's primary back up, another game like that in Oakland, and I'm changing to pen...

DT: With the uncertainty about Ratliff's injury history I think they keep 5 guys inside.
Spencer Spencer
Wilber Wilber
Selvie Selvie
Hatcher Hatcher
Ratliff Ratliff
Lissemore Lissemore
Bass Bass
Hayden Hayden
7 Linebackers 7
Lee Ernie Sims just will not be denied. Too good, too savvy. McSurdy is the new last man on my roster, and he is most threatened by Brandon McGee. Lee Lots of guys who will run and hit you. Play makers and RKGs fill this room.
Carter Carter
Durant Durant
Sims Magee
Holloman Holloman
Albright Albright
McSurdy Sims
5 Cornerbacks 5
Carr Moore backs up Carr/Claiborne, Webb is the backup nickel. Carr This spot seems pretty locked down.
Claiborne Claiborne
Moore Scandrick
Webb Webb
Scandrick Moore

4 Safeties 5
Church I really wanted to add Eric Frampton here as the replacement for Danny McCray, who I still see getting cut. But can't figure out who else to drop. Church I have McCray on this team, but if Hamilton plays well in the next 4 pre-season games (he did on Sunday). He could push for a spot. Especially if Johnson takes the starting FS spot from Will Allen.
Allen Allen
Johnson Johnson
Wilcox Wilcox

3 Specialists 3
Bailey Don't mess with success. Bailey No questions here... If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Jones Jones
LaDouceur LaDouceur
8 Practice Squad 8
Tanney Tanney taked the lead over Stephens, based on one pass. Needless to say, we are talking one slim lead here. Tanney Lots of potential in this group. Kendial Lawrence, Tank Reed, and Jakar Hamilton are guys with big time upside that we have to hope make it through waivers.
Green Rogers
K. Lawrence Green
Magee Reed
Hamilton Hamilton
Reed Long
Rogers K. Lawrence
Coughman Brewer

Is it a good thing or a bad thing when the most churn on your roster projection is the practice squad? Things do seem to be settling down, although we can always hope for more George Selvie style stories.

Feel free to come up with your own roster, or compare us to the wild-eyed guesses carefully thought out lists from rabblerousr and OCC.


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