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Report: Brandon Moore Decides To Retire Instead Of Joining Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys thought they had acquired a very useful player for their rebuilding offensive line. Reports are now indicating that Brandon Moore will not join Dallas, instead he chose to retire.


Last night as I went to bed I was pretty excited about what I thought would be the Cowboys new offensive line. Smith-Leary-Frederick-Moore-Free sounds good, it gave one hope that the Cowboys line could actually turn into an asset. The Cowboys would have turned over all three interior spots that have been so problematic in the past. Brandon Moore would have been the last piece of the puzzle and last night Dallas thought they had reached a one-year deal with free agent guard from the New York Jets.

Only when Moore slept on it last night, he reversed course and decided to retire. Mike Garafolo has the tweets:

We'll see what else Garafalo knows when he posts his full story on Moore. CBS Sports with more:

La Canfora writes Moore's contract would have been worth a guaranteed $1.75 million with a chance to make a maximum of $2 million. But Moore is financially secure enough that he didn't need the money and instead decided he was done playing football.

More from La Canfora:

Dallas was viewing him as a starter with injuries hitting them at the guard spot. However, after [agent] Gilmore went back over deal details around 4 a.m. Wednesday and signed off on everything, he received a call from Moore indicating he wanted to remain with his family and he would step away from the game.

I guess the important thing is we are not getting Moore. Unless he un-retires over lunch.

Brian Waters anybody?

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