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Jason Garrett On The Pursuit Of Brandon Moore, And Possibly Brian Waters

The Cowboys didn't manage to land Brandon Moore at guard, but it did expose the idea that they are looking, and looking hard. What does this mean now for the current players and for other potential free agents?

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Now that Brandon Moore isn't coming to the Dallas Cowboys, questions must be answered. The organization had agreed to a deal, paying a discounted rated but still good money, to bring Moore in. Don't be fooled, they were bringing him in to start. Jason Garrett talks a lot about bringing in guys for practices and for pre-season games because of injury, and for competition, but Moore wasn't one of those. He was going to start.

Obviously, that's a clear signal they aren't satisfied with what they have. And you would think that if they went after Moore, they would at least entertain going after Brian Waters, or possibly Geoff Hangartner. Garrett sort of answered some of these questions today.

On the deal with Moore:

“You just try to address the needs where you have them, and Brandon’s a guy who’s been a good football player in this league for a long time,” Garrett said. “He’s been a starter for the Jets for a number of years. Bill Callahan coached him and has a relationship with him, and we had a conversation with him and thought he might be able to come in and help our team out.”

“We respect that decision and we’ll try to evaluate that position and see if we can address it as we go forward,” Garrett said.

Garrett also spoke about Mackenzy Bernadeau who has returned to practice from injury. Two themes seemed to come out of that. One, Bernadeau is showing the rust from missing so much time. Two, he has had a lot of injuries in his short time in Dallas.

So what about the pursuit of another veteran free agent guard? Garrett is reserved with his answer, but definitely not ruling it out.

Another option the Cowboys are admittedly exploring is former North Texas star Brian Waters, a six-time Pro Bowler with the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots. He lives in Waxahachie. But he has not played since the end of the 2011 season.

"Brian Waters has been a really good player in this league for a long time," Garrett said. "As you guys know, I think he's a six-time Pro Bowler. He's an NFL Man of the Year, played a long time in Kansas City a few years ago, he came late to New England and had a Pro Bowl year for them when they went to the Super Bowl. The biggest issue for Brian right now is he hasn't played in 18 months. You have to factor those things in."

What do you think, do the Cowboys stand pat with Bernadeau, or do they hit the market for another option?

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