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Jason Garrett: On A Seat That's Never Been Cooler

In spite of many off-season story lines, if you're paying attention, it's easy to see that Jason Garrett is nowhere near a hot seat.

Jason Miller

For much of the off-season, the prevailing theme coming from the media about Valley Ranch was that Jason Garrett was losing authority within the organization, that he was being cut off at the knees, emasculated even. Whether it was Jerry Jones saying things would be uncomfortable at Valley Ranch, encouraging Jason's brother John Garrett to move on from the tight end coaching position, hiring Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli, and Rich Bisaccia (who were erroneously called Jon Gruden's guys), or announcing the decision/publication of Bill Callahan calling plays - media pundits found any and every way to criticize Garrett and make it seem as though he was a puppet for Jerry Jones, and that shortly he would be losing the respect of his team.

However, over the last few weeks, this message has disappeared. It seems to me that it corresponded with the release of his speech made at the open of training camp. Through this video people caught a real life glimpse at the Garrett they don't see. The one that comes out when there aren't 50 reporters hanging on his every word. He was masterful, authoritative, and brash at points. Throwing his fair share of F-Bombs, and an occasional G-D, just to make sure his message got across to his guys.

Suddenly, the media stopped scoffing at Jerry Jones calling him a "premiere asset", ESPNDallas mentioned his "passion" the Fort Worth Star-Telegram called it "fascinating and often inspiring", a Philadelphia outlet even chimed in, saying Garrett "wasn't messing around".

However, this trend was just the beginning, over the last two weeks, through watching his press conferences, hearing him on the radio, watching him interview with NBC before last weekend's Hall of Fame game, I've noticed something. Jason Garrett looks like a very confident man, who is very comfortable in his own skin and feels like he has the tools at his disposal to be successful at the job he was hired to do.

His smile is a little bigger, he's jabbing back at the media, giving Todd Archer a "focus on the task at hand Archer!", telling them they're flat when they don't reply appropriately to his introductory "How we doing guys?", he's holding entire units accountable. Even Bryan Broaddus noted it on Talking Cowboys on Tuesday, saying it has been, "A different Jason Garrett in the way he's handling (the media)". Broaddus even pointed out this difference in his daily column, following Garrett's revelation of a "Come to Jesus" meeting with the young players Tuesday morning, "today I learned something about the head coach and I liked what I heard."

Even our own good friend BirdDog26 chimed in on the Game Day Thread with this comment, "Had a chance to talk with Garrett earlier. He seems more at ease and confident than I have seen him in years."

On top of all of these examples, if you listen to the players you will hear Dez Bryant parroting Garrett on ideas like stepping up to be a leader, being the best player he can every day, staying focused, doing all the right things and putting days together. Or you'll hear recent free agent acquisition George Selvie calling his head coach "Hard Nosed."

I'm no sure how anyone else feels, but in my opinion, none of these sound like a guy who is on the verge of losing his job. They sound like a guy who feels very comfortable in his job, and is assured that he has the belief of those people above him and those on his staff and on his team.

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