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Cowboys @ Raiders: Game Day Open Thread III (Preseason)

At halftime of the Cowboys @ Raiders preseason game, Dallas leads 10-6.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

A pretty uneven first half for the Cowboys. On the positive side, they didn't give up a touchdown and lead 10-6. The Cowboys have picked up a couple of turnovers, one on a Sean Lee blitz-sack-strip, helped out by Jason Hatcher who recovered the ball. The second one was a J.J. Wilcox interception in the end zone snuffing out a drive. On offense, Dez Bryant got going on the second drive and Miles Austin had a couple of catches. Kyle Orton also put together a nice drive capped by a Cole Beasley touchdown.

On the negative side, the Cowboys wasted the short field provided by Sean Lee's turnover, only grabbing a field goal. Dallas also had a field goal blocked on special teams. And once again, the Cowboys seem utterly perplexed by a running quarterback as Terrelle Pryor had a very good half minus the bad interception. As always, the Cowboys are picking up penalties.

This is an open thread for game chat.

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