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College Football Open Thread: Week 3 Is Serious

Need something to do on a mid-September Saturday? No you don't, NCAA football is all you need.

Kevin C. Cox

Remember when Texas A&M was only rumored to be joining the SEC and the talk was whether or not they would be fodder for the powerhouse schools of the southeast? Welp.

The biggest game of the weekend is undoubtedly when Alabama, winner of three of the last four national championships, invades College Station to try and exact a measure of revenge against Heisman winner Johnny Fountain Football and the Aggies. What? The middle 'F' doesn't stand for Fountain? Who knew!?!

The clash takes place at 3:30 Eastern and will be broadcast by CBS' A-team of Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson.

The Alabama-Texas A&M tilt might be the only matchup of Top 25 teams, but by no means is it the only game in town.

For a list of all of the other broadcast channels, announce teams and game times, have a look at

On the lookout for some prospects to watch? Here's a look at the pre-season candidates for the Nagurski and Outland Trophies.

Consider this your open thread to talk any and all things college football as you get ready for tomorrow's early kickoff in Kansas City.

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