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Who Would You Trade A First Round Pick For?

What player in the league do you feel like would provide the greatest immediate upgrade for the Cowboys?

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Wednesday afternoon, Colts Owner Jim Irsay started teasing some big time news from his twitter account. As the following tweets rolled out.

Shortly after these, ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the official news.

This brought up a question in my mind, which was discussed on "The Break" on the mothership. If you're last name was Jones, or you were Will McClay, what current NFL player would you trade the Cowboys 2014 first round pick for?

In my opinion, there's really only one guy off the top of my head, and that would be Earl Thomas from the Seahawks. If you team him with Barry Church at safety, with J.J. Wilcox your third guy in, that spot immediately puts itself in discussion as the most dynamic and dominant position on the entire team.

So what say you BTB? What player would you trade a first round pick to add to this Cowboys team?

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