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College Football Open Thread: Week Four And You Want More!

What better way to spend the last Saturday of Summer than in front of the television cheering on future NFL superheroes?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I dare someone to say that last week's Alabama-Texas A&M clash wasn't as exciting as any non-Cowboys NFL contest this season. Dare'em.

College Football rolls into their Week 4 and we know you need a place to brag about your alma mater, or weep at their misfortune. Got a favorite college team because you literally grew up on the other side of the fence of their campus (cough, GO TERPS, cough)... talk about their amazing 3-0 start here.

A lot of nice matchups this weekend, headlined by Will Sutton and the No. 23 Arizona State Sun Devils heading to Cali to take on No. 5 and the Stanford Cardinal. That game kicks off at 7pm eastern.

Want to get a jump on your "top collegiate guard" fetish for the 2014 draft? Look no further than Stanford's David Yankey. He's next up in our DeCastro-Cooper-??? lineage of BTB fawning.

On the lookout for some other prospects to watch? Here's a look at the pre-season candidates for the Nagurski and Outland Trophies.


Mid-afternoon, check out Maryland and their read-option offense take on border-rival West Virginia, 330pm.

Want an upset alert? Keep an eye on Utah State traveling to LA to meet up with disappointing USC. Don't say I didn't throw you a bone!

Take a look at the rundown of college matchups for Saturday and see what you can find on your cable/satellite box. Here's 506sports rundown of televised games to help you out.

Consider this your open thread as you whet your appetite for football while waiting for the Cowboys to rebound tomorrow against the St. Louis Rams.

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