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Cowboys Franchise Sack Record: A Historic Day For DeMarcus Ware

Although he has held the official sack record for quite some time, DWare entered Sunday's game one sack behind the "unofficial" record holder, the late Harvey Martin. By the time the game was over, Ware would stand alone as the undisputed sack leader in Dallas.

Ronald Martinez

During eleven seasons as part of the Dallas Cowboys vaunted "Doomsday Defense", Harvey Martin was credited by the team with recording 114 quarterback sacks. The NFL, who did not maintain sack records until 1982, saw things in a different light and they already considered DeMarcus Ware as the Cowboys all-time leader. In spite of the league's view, most fans still considered Martin's mark as the team record.

Against the St. Louis Rams, Ware took the field with 113 sacks and an opportunity to put the issue to rest for all time. Breaking through the Rams protection in the first half, he recorded his first sack of the game and entered the locker room tied with Martin. Shortly after returning to the field for the third quarter, DeMarcus Ware made Cowboys history when he once again hauled down the Rams quarterback. With that play the words "Cowboys unofficial all-time sack leader" went the way of the dodo bird; as of today the league's figures and the team's numbers are the same. The Cowboys sack record stands at 115 and counting. Congratulations, DeMarcus Ware.

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