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The Weekly BEast Report: Covering The Cowboys & The NFC East

With Dallas having more wins than the rest of the division combined, the Cowboys find themselves in a position where they can slip into the driver's seat but only if they continue to play up to their ability. Let's look at how the rest of the division is trying to help the Cowboys out.

Vick drops back looking for a Chiefs defender to get open
Vick drops back looking for a Chiefs defender to get open
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Each Tuesday, we here at Blogging The Boys like to take a moment and look around at our competitors. For now at least, it is a pleasant sight. The Boys' main rivals all went down to defeat this past weekend, while Dallas was able to take advantage. Let's take a quick look.

New York Giants (0-3)

New York Giants 0

Carolina Panthers 38

  • The week three match up against the Carolina Panthers was a nightmare from which Eli Manning could not escape. Not only was the younger Manning sacked a total of seven times, he was hit 17 times overall. In the end, New York ran 50 offensive plays, and fully half either resulted in no gain or negative yardage. On the afternoon, the Giants averaged a putrid three yards per snap. Jay Leno recapped Eli's experience perfectly as part of his Monday night monologue.

Eli Manning spent more time on his back than the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Jay Leno

  • As dismal as the Giants offensive output was, the defense somehow managed to match their performance. They failed to get pressure on Cam Newton (1 sack and 1 hurry), they were gashed in the running game (194 yards on 46 carries), and they failed to get off of the field during the few opportunities where they had a chance to force a stop.
  • Going back to last season, over their last six games, the Giants have suffered five defeats; four of those have been by lopsided margins, including two shut outs. Not only were they blanked by the Panthers on Sunday, they also suffered a 34-0 beat down courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons toward the end of last season. To say that our friends from the Big Apple are staggering is not an exaggeration.
  • Former Giants linebacker and current radio broadcaster Carl Banks told WFAN that there is some locker room discord that is impacting the on the field product.

"That's what it really comes down to. They don't like each other. They're not willing to fight for each other."

"I think the most disturbing aspect of it is... I don't think I've ever seen a team just not show emotion as they were just getting pummeled," Banks said. "I don't advocate fighting, but show some emotion." - Carl Banks

  • Life is not going to get any easier for the G-men this week. Next up on their slate will be a visit to Kansas City to face the 3-0 Chiefs.

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Washington Redskins (0-3)

Detroit Lions 27

Washington Redskins 20

  • The Washington defense is not just bad, they are lowering the bar for futility. Through just three games, the Redskins defense has yielded almost 1,500 yards to opposing offenses. That total sets a new all-time mark for most yards allowed through three games. Fortunately for the team, DeAngelo Hall has all the answers.

"We have to look in the mirror and be tough on ourselves. - DeAngelo Hall

DeAngelo may want to try looking at game film instead. The Skins don't tackle well, don't cover well, and the coaching staff does not make adjustments well. A little soul-searching may be the least of the team's needs.

  • Having (finally) tired of discussing Bobby Trey's surgically repaired knee, now the focus turns to debating his terrible throws, atrocious slides, and his bad case of "fumbleitis." RGIII continues to make bad choices, often throwing into double or triple coverage. Overthrowing receivers is also an issue for the second-year quarterback. In an effort to reduce his risk of future injuries, Griffin has decided that he will slide rather than take on tacklers. There is just one problem: he does not seem to know how to slide properly. On one of his more futile attempts this past Sunday, his poor effort contributed to a critical fumble, one of three that Griffin had on the day.
  • Washington Post reporter Tracee Hamilton is rapidly becoming my favored source for Redskins news. Last week she stated that the team needs to be on life support, and now she gives us another comment sure to warm the hearts of Cowboys fans everywhere.

It’s probably time to ratchet down expectations in the nation’s capital. Washington isn’t losing on bad calls or bad luck or even on a bad knee. Washington is losing because it is bad. And good seems to be a long way in the distance. - Tracee Hamilton

  • Our good friends over at Hogs Haven are dealing with their team's struggles in a reasonable manner. To indulge their competitive needs they are holding a Beer Pong Tournament. They will be passing the bye week (and drowning away their miseries) by playing Beer Pong. It is all being done in the name of a worthy cause, all proceeds will benefit The Yellow Ribbon Fund, a charity to support wounded soldiers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Major props for the fans over at the pig pen.
  • Next up for the Skins will be a trip to face the Oakland Raiders. What once looked like an easy win has now turned in to a must win situation for our tomahawk wielding brethren from the banks of the Potomac River.

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Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)

Kansas City Chiefs 26

Philadelphia Eagles 16

  • It looks like the Chip Kelly revolution has stalled. Outside of the first half of the Eagles opening game against the Washington Redskins, Philly has been outscored by a 79-53 margin. The Chiefs became the latest team to demonstrate to the football world that Kelly's "unstoppable" offense can be effectively shut down.

On Thursday night, the first-year coach might have thought he was back at Oregon, facing SEC defenses.

The Eagles mothership gave a pretty detailed summary of what defenses have to do to hold the Eagles offense in check.

Kansas City won the battle at the line of scrimmage, played good man-to-man defense in the passing game and kept an early eye on McCoy as the visitors built up a lead.

  • The game against Kansas City was a classic Michael Vick performance. The Eagles quarterback accounted for three of the team's five turnovers. On the afternoon Vick threw two interceptions and also had a fumble, all of which contributed to the Eagles never being able to get their offensive into a groove.

"We had the turnover, then we got a score, and then we come back with good field position and have another turnover. We’re moving the ball, and then we have another turnover. It’s hard to get into a rhythm..." - Michael Vick

The Eagles’ defense is strikingly bad. They’re bad statistically and aesthetically. Every drive seems to include at least one play where the whole unit goes down like bowling pins or hey-look-no-one-covered-that-guy-again.

  • Life is not getting any easier for the folks who live in the bird's nest. The Eagles begin a three game western swing with a visit to the Denver Broncos. I'm not sure what will be more entertaining; watching Peyton Manning gash the Eagles secondary or watching the Philly linemen trying to catch their breath in the thin mountain air. Either way, this is a game I expect to enjoy tremendously.

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Right now, with the rest of the NFC East staggering out of the gate, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves faced with the possibility of opening some daylight between themselves and their rivals. Only time will tell, but Jason Garrett and his team have an opportunity to capitalize on the misfortune of others. All they have to do is continue to play the way they did on Sunday and let the Chips (as well as the Toms and Mikes) fall where they may. The NFC East crown is there for the taking and there can be no excuse for not seizing the moment.

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