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Video: Dallas Cowboys' Three Stars In Week Three

The Cowboys had plenty of players to earn accolades in their Week Three domination of the Rams. We find three that deserved the most credit, sort of.

Plenty has been said already about the Cowboys feel-good, dominating victory over the St. Louis Rams, 31-7. Of course, they have to parlay that into a winning streak this coming Sunday against the San Diego Chargers for it to truly mean anything, but for now it's worth giving credit.

Who stood out? What was accomplished? Can we get some highlights up in here?

I return to the front of the camera (and take on the behind the scenes work as well) in looking at the Dallas Cowboys "3 Stars From Week Three" in our latest video on SBN Blogging The Boys.

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Don't forget to tune into Cowboys Crunchtime tonight as me and Mike Fisher talk Anthony Spencer and what we've been concerned about the entire time. Plus, catch my interview with Emmitt Smith in it's entirety! It's Crunchtime! Live at 9pm ET.

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