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It All Comes Down To The Swag You Wear

With the Cowboys beginning to assert themselves as a potential playoff team, perhaps your mind turns to getting some new swag to rep America's Team. If so, you're not alone; Cowboys related merchandise, especially jerseys, are flying off the shelf.

Would you wear this man's jersey?
Would you wear this man's jersey?
Jamie Squire

According to one major national retailer, in the last week, sales of Dallas Cowboys jerseys have seen a marked increase. Based on the volume of jersey sales, the Cowboys were the 18th most popular team in the country last week. Following the beat-down that the team gave the St. Louis Rams, the Cowboys jumped seven slots to rank as the 11th biggest seller. Let's take a quick look at the players that the fans are choosing.

First up is middle linebacker Sean Lee. Here at Blogging The Boys, we know that Lee is the one thing that even Chuck Norris fears, but it looks like the rest of the country is rapidly figuring out our secret. This week sales of Sean Lee jerseys took a giant leap up the charts. His jersey is currently the 45th most popular with consumers, up 37 spots from where he was a week ago. Let's face it, who among us wouldn't want to rep Dallas Five-0.

Another defensive star whose jersey took a major jump is future Hall of Fame defensive end DeMarcus Ware. In the same week as he broke the all-time franchise record for sacks, Ware's famous # 94 also attained new heights. He began the week ranked 113th, an ironic standing when you consider that matches his career sack total, prior to this past Sunday. Now DeMarcus Ware is the 85th most popular jersey in the country. I wonder how high his sales will go once he wins the inaugural Deacon Jones award?

Tweeking an occasional hammy might slow Miles Austin down, but it had little impact on the last game. The same is true for sales of his very popular # 19 jersey. Coming into the game against the Rams, Miles was ranked 99th in sales. This week Miles was the biggest mover, jumping up 40 spaces to number 59. I have to wonder what impact that leap had on those hamstrings.

So, whose jersey is the most popular of all the Cowboys, you ask? Tony Romo, perhaps? Maybe our beloved 88, Dez Bryant? Could it be a Cowboys legend like Roger or Troy? Actually it is another future resident of the hallowed halls in Canton, and this should come as no surprise, the most popular Cowboy, in terms of jersey sales this past week, is the Senator, Mr. Jason Witten. He ranks 21st in overall sales.

So how 'bout it Blogging The Boys readers, let's talk jerseys. Which Cowboys jersey do you rock? Is it one of these guys or do you prefer someone else? Who's next on your shopping list? As for me, I'm a Romo, Lee, Witten kind of gal, but my all time favorite jersey is the white #12 that gets broken out once or twice a year.

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