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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Swing Game Today? Rookie Class Already A Winner?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Is today's game a swing game? How good is the 2013 rookie class really? Why is Jerry Jones surprised that the Cowboys are road-favorites versus the Chargers?


Bill Callahan: "Cowboys can go off script in a heartbeat" - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Bill Callahan confirms that the Cowboys work with a script at the start of games, but often have to go off script depending on the game situation.

"You can be off your script in a heartbeat," Callahan said. "You can be in a backed up situation, first play of the year, we get the ball in the red zone, so there goes that script. Just throw it out the window. There are times you will come off the script. There are certain plays and formations and personnel groupings you want to throw out there, just to see how they respond to it and see how they want to defend it. It either verifies what they’re doing or it makes you adept [sic] or adjust."

Fourth game might be swing game for Cowboys - Clarence Hill, Star-Telegram
Hill argues that Dallas needs to stack some wins together to be a legitimate playoff contender, and now would be a good time, as a victory would give the Cowboys back-to-back wins for only the third time in the past two seasons. Also, a 3-1 record wouldn't be too bad either.

It’s early, but rookie class looks like it could be a winner - Tom Orsborn,
The Cowboys will likely have their four top draft picks getting significant snaps versus the Chargers, which is more than can be said of many previous draft classes. But Garrett, as usual, downplays that aspect.

"The jury’s still out on every one of these guys," Garrett said. "We’re three games into this. But they’ve responded well to the opportunity given them in the spring, in training camp, in the preseason. You want to give those guys more and more opportunities."

Orlando Scandrick is producing for Dallas Cowboys - Calvin Watkins, ESPNDallas
Regardless of which stat source you look at, Scandrick is showing up in a good way in all of them. And fans and media alike are only slowly beginning to warm to the idea that the Cowboys may possibly, perhaps, maybe have known what they were doing when they extended Scandrick's contract - even at the value they did it at.

"You guys might have looked at me as a third corner, I don't think that's the way I was looked at or perceived in this organization," Scandrick said. "They always had the world of faith in me. Coach Garrett has expressed that to me. I just had to wait for my opportunity and unfortunately my opportunity came with a banged up Morris Claiborne, and I'm just embracing it and making the most of all my chances."

Jerry Jones: I’m surprised we’re the favorite at San Diego - ProFootballTalk
Quoting a video on, PFT writes that Jerry Jones is surprised the Cowboys are road-favorites versus the Chargers.

Ponder the 46: A change at running back - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer thinks the inactives this week will be Austin, Nevis, Greenwood, Tanner, Costa, Arkin and Weems, opening the door for blocking TE Andre Smith, LB Ernie Sims and RB Joseph Randle.

Agent's Take: Examining the market for the NFL's top young wideouts -
Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant are the next great wideouts. Joel Corry examines what the market looks like for those four budding stars.


Why the Chargers will lose to Cowboys - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Tod Leonard argues that the Chargers don't have the same quality of personnel, can't stop DeMarco Murray, can't run the ball themselves, and half the folks at Qualcomm stadium will be Cowboys fans anyway.

Chargers lack the thieves to get it done - The San Diego Union-Tribune
The San Diego Chargers have just one takeaway through three games, and Kevin Acee opines the main reason for that is because the Chargers had such a high level of personnel turnover on defense, by choice and through injury, that the players on the field are so busy trying to figure out their assignments that they don't have time to be "thieves."

Chargers: Tight end John Phillips looks forward to facing former team - NBC San Diego
Tight end John Phillips will face his former team today, when the Cowboys play the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium.

America's Team, Phillips said, is as intense and fiery as it's made out to be in the media … All the more reason the Chargers have a tall task in front of them Sunday, when they play Dallas at Qualcomm Stadium.

Five Cowboys Questions with Blogging the Boys - Bolts From The Blue
David Halprin, Managing Editor of Blogging the Boys, answered some questions about the Dallas Cowboys for Bolts From The Blue, The Chargers' SB nation fansite.


If Only the Giants Could Get a Lead -
The Wall Street Journal says playing from behind is part of the problem for the Giants' offense. Through three games, the Giants have been ahead on the scoreboard for a grand total of 9 minutes and 51 seconds, or roughly the same amount of time it takes to make a hard-boiled egg. Today, the Giants face the Chiefs, who have been ahead for almost 137 of their 180 minutes this season, longer than any other team.

This could be fun to watch.

Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles wobble into meeting with Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos - FOX Sports
That revolutionary offense Chip Kelly brought with him to the NFL suddenly seems a bit revolting. And a date with Denver doesn't figure to right the ship.

On Washington Redskins’ list of problems on defense, it’s safety first - The Washington Post
For some reason, the Redskins had hoped a fourth-round rookie and a sixth-round rookie along with improved team health would stabilize the secondary; so far, that hasn’t happened.

Washington sports fans: Let’s lower our expectations so we won’t be disappointed - The Washington Post
Sound advice.


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