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KDP's 10 For 10 Is Back! 2013 Week One Pick'Em Contest

The Interweb's Best Pick'Em Contest returns for Year 4!

Welcome back to the Webisphere's best Pick'Em Competition, where you have the opportunity to live in internet infamy with just 10 correct picks!

The game is simple enough; look over the NFL schedule of games for the week. Find 10 games, including the mandatory Cowboys contest, and select a winner. Make sure you're entry is in the proper format and hit submit. That's it. Simple, right? Not so fast my friend!

We saw an explosion of participation in last year's contest that I'm sure will carryover into 2013.

The contest is two-fold. Every week you attempt to reach perfection with 10 correct picks. Part two is that your scores from each week add up for the season-long contest, which was won by CowboyBaby last season, and JebediahFlibberbrush and BishopWest the first two years of the contest.

We're resetting the scorecards but most importantly, we're reviving the 10 For 10 Hall of Fame for those of you in the past that have successfully pulled off perfection. Speaking of which...

KDP's 10-for-10 HALL OF FAME
Member Wing of Champions Member Wing of Champions
BishopWest 2010 Regular Season Overall Champion Mikellie 2011 Perfect Playoffs - 7-for-7
Jebediah Flibberbrush 2011 Regular Season Overall Champion
CowboyBaby 2012 Regular Season Overall Champion
Member Wing of Honor Member Wing of Honor
@Tonekupone Three-time 10-for-10 cproctor6 Two-time 10-for-10
D_Carter Three-time 10-for-10 HLCJ69 Two-time 10-for-10
Hookem Up Three-time 10-for-10 j-man Two-time 10-for-10
Portland's Cowboy fan Three-time 10-for-10 jstaubach Two-time 10-for-10
Aggie Man Two-time 10-for-10 mdlusk Two-time 10-for-10
behind.enemylines Two-time 10-for-10 Nord15 Two-time 10-for-10
Ben24626 Two-time 10-for-10 Rex Pfister Two-time 10-for-10
BishopWest Two-time 10-for-10 True Blue-liever Two-time 10-for-10
boys.camncrew Two-time 10-for-10 wittenfan Two-time 10-for-10
ChrisMan Two-time 10-for-10

We had a great year in 2012 and look forward to even more participants in 2013. last year was so great, the Hall of Fame now requires at least 2 career 10-for-10's to enter the door! All of the one-time winners will be listed at the bottom of the post. That brings me the opportunity to throw out my thanks in advance to BTB member, Hookerhome, who will be assisting in managing all of the entries for the second straight season. As the contest has grown by leaps and bounds, we'd be lost without him and his weekly results wrap-up FanPost.

For you newcomers, don't worry... we start from scratch each year and you'll have every opportunity to etch your name into the Hall of Fame.


1 - YOU MUST PREDICT A WINNER OF THE DALLAS COWBOYS GAME IN YOUR TEN PICKS. If you leave off the Cowboys game, then only nine other games get counted, and the Cowboys game is scored as "wrong", no matter who wins.

2 - You must pick ONLY 10 games. If you pick more than 10, I will score the first nine plus the Cowboys game. If you pick fewer than 10, then you need more fingers to count on; all non-picks will be scored as wrong.

3 - You must make your entry as a comment, not as a reply to another comment. I will only go down the left margin when scoring. Anything indented will get no love here, playa.

4 - You must include the entire matchup in your entry. Simply BOLD the team in the matchup you are picking to win. No lists of only the winners you pick. If you want me to take the time to score your entry, take the time to format it correctly. It's easy, just copy and paste all the matchups from the post, then highlight your pick for each game and hit the B button. Oh, please do me and hookerhome a favor - leave the games in the same order, and delete the extra games that you are not picking (leave just the ten that you want scored). It makes tabulation much easier.

5 - Hit the preview button, because once it's submitted, that's it - there's no turning back.

6 - Picks must be in before the early games of Sunday kickoff in order to try to score 10-for-10. Here are two exceptions:

  • If you're including THURSDAY night's game in your picks but not ready to pick Sunday's games, post 'THURSDAY GAME ONLY' in your subject line.
  • If you miss the early games kickoff deadline with your picks, you can still submit picks for games that have not kicked off (as long as the Cowboys haven't kicked off). You won't be able to score 10-for-10 without the early games, but that might help you in the overall season-long race.
  • Don't forget to look for the "10 For 10" hub on the new front page! You'll always be able to find the latest article or Fan Post there for easy access to get your picks in!


WEEK 1 GAMES (16 Total)


Baltimore at DENVER
New England at BUFFALO
Seattle at CAROLINA
Cincinnati at CHICAGO
Minnesota at DETROIT
Atlanta at NEW ORLEANS
Tampa Bay at NY JETS
Tennessee at PITTSBURGH
Arizona at ST LOUIS
NY Giants at DALLAS
Philadelphia at WASHINGTON
Houston at SAN DIEGO


Sample Entry

New England at BUFFALO
Seattle at CAROLINA
Minnesota at DETROIT
Atlanta at NEW ORLEANS
Tampa Bay at NY JETS
NY Giants at DALLAS

(note: If you are posting from a mobile device, you can still bold your winner. Put an '*' before and after the team you want to bold. i.e. * Dallas * - with no spaces.


10 For 10 Achievements, By Season/Week
@Tonekupone 2011-12 cproctor6 2012-07 mdlusk 2011-02
@Tonekupone 2012-07 cproctor6 2012-11 mdlusk 2011-12
@Tonekupone 2012-11 D_Carter 2011-12 meisternance 2012-11
Aaron Burtram 2012-07 D_Carter 2012-07 milehightexan 2012-07
Against the Wall-24 2012-11 D_Carter 2012-11 MSM33 2012-11
Aggie Man 2012-07 Damnsammit 2011-03 mushpuppy 2012-11
Aggie Man 2012-11 demarcus94 2011-12 Nord15 2012-07
altanti 2012-09 eastbeast 2012-11 Nord15 2012-15
Antonio S 2011-12 Frankster_1 2012-07 oldboysfan 2012-11
Archie Barberio 2011-12 ginge159 2012-11 Pasipple 2012-11
bcg08 2011-12 Hawkeye101 2012-11 Portland's Cowboy fan 2011-12
beastygaming 2012-11 HLCJ69 2011-12 Portland's Cowboy fan 2012-07
behind.enemylines 2012-09 HLCJ69 2012-11 Portland's Cowboy fan 2012-11
behind.enemylines 2012-11 Hobbes42 2012-11 revellyre 2012-11
Ben24626 2011-12 Hookem Up 2011-12 Rex Pfister 2012-09
Ben24626 2012-07 Hookem Up 2012-07 Rex Pfister 2012-11
BigBad Joe 2012-11 Hookem Up 2012-11 Rummob 2011-03
BishopWest 2011-12 I am Ironman!!! 2011-02 Scurrah Jurrah 2012-11
BishopWest 2012-07 ibleedcowboyblue 2012-11 skinny post 2012-11
BoydNation 2012-11 illcowboy 2012-07 slowmotion80 2012-07
boyman 2012-01 jakezze01 2012-07 SoCal Cowboys 2012-11
boys.camncrew 2012-07 jazzbo251 2011-12 Specific 2012-11
boys.camncrew 2012-11 JDobermans 2012-11 TARHEEL PAUL 2012-07
CapitalT 2012-11 Jebediah Flibberbrush 2011-12 Timmy G 2012-07
CDMac24 2011-12 JLMax09 2011-12 Travlr 2011-02
cee-los 2012-07 j-man 2012-04 True Blue-liever 2012-07
ChrisMan 2012-09 j-man 2012-11 True Blue-liever 2012-11
ChrisMan 2012-11 Johnny Cage 2012-11 Tuna Helper 2011-12
cjbrit 2012-11 jstaubach 2010-11 Uncas 2012-11
Cowboy Joe 2012-11 jstaubach 2012-07 Unique 2012-07
CowboyBaby 2012-11 k@s! 2012-07 WA_Cowboy 2012-07
Cowboys_Attack 2011-12 KD Drummond 2012-07 wittenfan 2011-12
krikaley 2012-07 wittenfan 2012-11

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