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Cowboys Breakfast Links: Brent Trial Update, Assistants Leaving, Coaching Philosophies And More

You won't get a better recap of Cowboys comings and goings with your Morning Cup O' Joe than with one of our infamous Breakfast Links.

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Let's see if I remember how to do this linky thingy.

Danny McCray Testifies At Josh Brent's Trial |

The prosecution wrapped up their case against Josh Brent yesterday afternoon. McCray wasn't the only Cowboys player to testify, as Barry Church did as well. I think the best way to bring the "highlights" would be via a mini-Tweet Beat, courtesy of Jennifer Emily, court reporter @dallascourts.

I implore everyone to remember, these are snippets from snippets and do not give a complete picture as to the happenings in the courtroom.


Futures: Senior Bowl Preview | Football Outsiders

Matt Waldman takes us on a tour of how he will approach next week's Senior Bowl process and activities. The biggest difference between this week's Shrine Game and next week's Senior Bowl (besides the talent level) is that the players will be getting direction from current NFL coaching staffs. Waldman shares stories of which staffs did what over the last few years, what on-lookers get from viewing the practices.

He even includes this anecdote from current Cowboys' RB Demarco Murray and his time in Mobile:

DeMarco Murray was unusually candid about why he changed his running style during his college career. He explained the reasons he transformed his game from a freshman phenomenon with breakaway skills to a more punishing, grind-it-out runner.

He also discussed his foray into MMA training to become a more flexible athlete with the hope of limiting major injuries. Although missed time due to injuries have still been a part of his career, the issues have been less severe compared to his years at Oklahoma.

Follow the above title link for Waldman's list of prospects he'll be following next week.

Who's Laughing Now? |

One of the best football writers alive, Chris Brown checks in with a pure gem of an article; a look into the coaching genius of Pete Carroll. This article should hit home to Cowboys fans on a couple of levels. First, that Carroll was fired, twice, from NFL gigs and was generally thought to be overmatched by the position. If you aren't an ardent Jerry basher, this is the type of "he'll eventually get it" sentiment that supports keeping Garrett in 2014.

The second, and more intriguing part though, comes in the talk of the philosophy that has made Carroll successful. Carroll bases all of his defensive ideas around Monte Kiffin's 4-3 Under, but he also employs two-gap responsibilities in situations where he doesn't want to require the safety to fill one of the "eight gaps".

If you watch Carroll's Seattle team, you'll see all of this at work: aggressive one-gap techniques, safeties rocking down to help against the run, and that classic 4-3 Under front. But that's not all you'll see...

Specifically, Carroll often calls for at least one defensive lineman to two-gap in an effort to get the best of both worlds: With one or two linemen two-gapping to clog additional running lanes, the remaining defenders are free to attack their gaps or drop into pass coverage.4Hybrid defenses that can steal back a gap have become increasingly necessary as modern offenses tilt the arithmetic in their favor by using the quarterback as a running threat in the read-option.

It's a great read, take it all in and learn something like I did and then watch it in action Sunday night.


Rich Bisaccia to meet with Browns | ESPNDallas

Bisaccia has been busy on the interview circuit: Bisaccia interviewed in Washington, was linked to Tennessee and will talk to the Browns tomorrow.

Dallas Cowboys TE Coach Wes Phillips To Interview With Washington | DMN

Phillips is a free agent coach, with an expiring contract. He's vying for the same position in DC, where their TE coach Sean McVay has been bumped up to O-Coordinator.

Tampa Bay Bucs Hire Cowboys Assistant Coach Dave Borgonzi | DMN

OK, well.. I admit it. I don't know who Borgonzi is.

Norv Turner Close To Deal |

Norv Turner with Adrian Peterson? Unfair. Mike Zimmer

Jason Hatcher Becomes Third Cowboys To Go To 2014 Pro Bowl | Blogging The Boys

Three cheers for the Cowboys' best defender from 2013. Save the jokes, Hatcher had a great year.

Should Jones Extend Garrett's Deal? |

On the heels of the Jets extending Rex Ryan's deal, Calvin Watkins makes the jump that if Jerry Jones really believes in Jason Garrett, he should follow suit and extend the coach that's on the last year of his deal.

Missing from the article is any actual supporting evidence that the team will not perform their best because Garrett is not signed long-term. But who wants to read a well-thought-out article anyways?


1,000+ words on a link post. That's what happens when you leave me in charge of these things.

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