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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Sean Lee's Health, Dez Bryant's Freakishness

Sunday morning links for your reading pleasure.

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Dallas Cowboys LB Sean Lee says goal for him is ‘to be on the field for the entire year’ - Rainer Sabin, DMN
Lee is still recovering from the sprained ligament he suffered in his neck, but believes he'll be ready for the Cowboys' offseason program. His main focus though is on how to use the offseason to help him avoid injuries during the season.

"Avoiding the injuries that I can control is what I’m going to try to do at all costs by making sure I am physically prepared for the season and physically prepared for every game," he said. "After that, you have to go out there and play and hope you can stay healthy."

"I haven’t been healthy the last couple of years but I have shown the ability to come back fully healthy and at times even better," Lee said. "I think that’s something that I will continue to do. The key now is to be on the field for the entire year and contribute the entire year."

Cowboys staff heads to Senior Bowl seeking rookies who can help - Brandon George, DMN
George lists five position groups he thinks the Cowboys should have an eye out for during Senior Bowl practices. In order: 1. Defensive line, 2. Linebackers, 3. Secondary, 4. Offensive line, 5. Wide receiver/running back. Might have been easier to say "Look at everything but QB and TE."

New Cowboys tight ends coach must develop Gavin Escobar - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Whoever ends up getting the tight ends coaching job will be in charge of the development of Gavin Escobar - and has a great challenge ahead of him in figuring out how to coach Jason Witten, who knows just about everything there is to know about the tight end position.

What Niners, Seahawks have that Cowboys lack - Rand Galloway, Star-Telegram
Galloway looks at the Seahawks and 49ers and argues that in 2011, the Cowboys were better than both teams. So what happened since? Galloway writes that the difference is that both NFC West teams now have QBs (and conveniently omits any reference to Alex Smith).

Romo has never had the advantage of a defense that can carry a team and win a game, or two games, or nine games in a season. Romo has also never had the advantage of a running game that can carry a team if necessary. Or maybe Romo doesn’t want a running game; take your pick.

Why did the 49ers go into Charlotte and knock off the Panthers? Defense and running game was the local answer. Why did the Seahawks beat New Orleans in Seattle? Defense and running game was the local answer.

Therefore, what do the Cowboys need? Defense and running game was the local answer. I totally agree on both counts.

After starting off with a reasonably well-built argument, Galloway then offers the one-size-fits-all answer for whose fault all of this is: Jerry Jones, of course, who is responsible for everything starting from the lack of balance in playcalling all the way through the decline of western civilization.

Norv Turner will be new offensive coordinator with Vikings -
The well-traveled Norv Turner will become the next offensive coordinator of the Vikings, joining the staff of new head coach Mike Zimmer.


In case you missed it: This video surfaced earlier this week, showing Dez Bryant making a freakish one-handed catch - on a sandlot.

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