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Cowboys 2014 Draft: Just Who Is In Charge Of The Dallas Draft Board?

Recently Cowboys owner Jerry Jones contradicted previous accounts that claimed Will McClay was now in charge of the Dallas draft board. That leaves us to wonder what is smoke and what is substance.

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Just eleven days ago, Calvin Watkins seemed to confirm a new fact: in his role as assistant director of player personnel, Will McClay would be taking over the responsibility for preparing the Dallas Cowboys draft board for the 2014 NFL Draft.

For the first time since 2008, somebody else will put together the Dallas Cowboys' NFL draft board. Will McClay, the assistant director of player personnel, will handle those duties this spring. Tom Ciskowski, the director of scouting, produced the board the past few years, but things have moved in a different direction.

Now along comes Jerry with this statement made Monday at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

"Ciskowski’s in charge of college scouting, and this is his big time to put together that board." - Jerry Jones

Naturally such an answer, in light of recent reports would call for some clarification. Jones was asked directly if Will McClay was in charge of the draft board. While the Dallas owner stated that McClay was playing a critical role, he made it clear that the rapidly rising star of the personnel department would not be in charge.

"No. That’s Ciskowski."

"Tom will continue to be the guy that we look to that is ultimately the manager of the board."

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It leaves us to wonder, was the first report in error or is Jerry throwing up a smoke screen? Either way, Jones was quick to point out that assembling the draft board is not the work of a single person. It takes the efforts of many people throughout the organization to make sure that the Dallas Cowboys war room is fully prepared for what happens on those three key days in May.

"The board is a product of a lot of people’s input – of all our scouts, and to some degree, coaches. When you say, ‘put the board together,’ you’ve been through that and you understand how that works, and you’re continually doing that position by position. Tom will continue to be the guy that we look to that is ultimately the manager of the board."

No matter who is ultimately in charge, one fact remains. The Dallas Cowboys have been doing a better job of drafting in recent seasons, and that trend needs to continue. Everyone from Jerry and Stephen Jones on down to the lowest ranking scout in the field needs to pull together to make the 2014 draft a success. It does not matter who does it, the only thing that really counts is that it gets done correctly.

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