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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Monte Kiffin Says Defense Will Improve (It Couldn't Get Worse)

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Monte Kiffin with belief defense will improve - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas

The sentiment immediately after the season was that the Cowboys would dump Monte Kiffin. Now that we're a couple of weeks on, it's becoming apparent that Kiffin is going to stay with the Cowboys. Now, there is some discussion about what the roles of everybody will be, but one thing's for sure, the Cowboys defense can't really be any worse than it was last year. At least that's what Kiffin believes.

"It takes time," Kiffin said after watching some of the Senior Bowl practices. "The second year in the system, the same staff. I don't know where we're going but we're going to get better."

Mailbag: Can We Expect A Similar Year From Selvie?

One guy who saved the Cowboys defense from really being the worst thing ever seen was George Selvie. He was picked up as a street free agent and by the end of the year was a very solid contributor at defensive end. And he's under contract for one more year. So the question asked at the mothership is can he repeat his performance in 2014, and what role will he have? Starter? Rotation guy?

Stephen Jones Talks Franchise Tag, Bailey Deal, More

The Cowboys have cap issues, but one guy that they are actively trying to sign to a long-term contract is the automatic Dan Bailey. Stephen Jones says no worries.

"Bailey’s restricted so he’s, for all practical purposes, not going anywhere," Jones said. "But our goal is to get him signed to a long-term deal. We’re actually in pretty serious talks with him, so optimistic about that."

Why not another Bill for Cowboys coach? | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News

Is Mac Engel just trolling for traffic? He writes a whole article pondering the idea that Bill Belichick could be the Cowboys coach in the future.

Belichick is a former disciple of Bill Parcells, has an ego and, despite having more money than he knows what to do with, is too young (61) to quit. Much the way Parcells was drawn to the Cowboys, the chance to win with America’s Team can be alluring to a lifer football man such as Belichick. Parcells called it "the big room." Parcells, who remains friends with Belichick, could give his former protégé an honest scouting report, beginning with the fact he genuinely likes Jerry. On the surface, it would seem impossible that these two men would be buddies, but there existed a genuine friendship between them.

Cowboys should give DeMarcus Ware one more year - ESPN Dallas

So the question of DeMarcus Ware will continue to fester until the Cowboys make some kind of definitive statement or roster move. Personally, I can't see the Cowboys doing anything but restructuring his contract. One bad season doesn't mean you dump a Hall of Famer who has been one of the very best defenders the NFL has ever seen.

With the Cowboys needing to clear salary-cap space, Ware, who is set to count $16.003 million against the 2014 cap, is one of the obvious targets for creating that room. The question is how they do it. The Cowboys can simply cut him and save $7.4 million in space. They can have him take a pay cut but offer a way to earn back some of that money through incentives. They can restructure his contract like they have the last few years.

Cowboys Corner: Boniol says Bailey, Jones are in good hands, will continue to be successful for a long time

The Cowboys let Chris Boniol and replaced him with Carlos Polk who has worked under Rich Bisaccia before. Boniol says no hard feelings and feels the Cowboys are in good hands.

Former kicking coach Chris Boniol, who has left the Cowboys, said Dan Bailey and punter Chris Jones are in good hands with Rich Bisaccia and new assistant special teams coach Carlos Polk. "Dan and Chris, true professionals in every sense," Boniol said at the Senior Bowl. "I mean, their performance, their work ethic, their integrity on and off the field. I am extremely proud of those guys and proud to have been a big part of their development. I have full confidence that they’re going to continue and be successful."

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