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Cowboys News & Notes: Bill Callhan Won't Be Happy If...

An afternoon helping of Cowboys news and notes.

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Is this news or just common sense? Bill Callahan won't be happy if the Cowboys hire Scott Linehan. Gee, you think?

If the Dallas Cowboys hire Scott Linehan as the playcaller, it would upset the current one, Bill Callahan. A source said Callahan would be opposed to a move and that he would contemplate his future with the Cowboys should it happen. Callahan, who is signed through the 2014 season, became the playcaller in 2013 when Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones wanted to take those duties away from head coach Jason Garrett. Callahan When the source was asked would Callahan be happy with a potential change, the source said, "hell no." Callahan didn’t respond for comment.

Of course Callahan won't be happy. As for most of his duties, this wouldn't concern me at all. I found nothing particularly exciting about his play-calling and I think that in general the offense under-performed although they did establish some impressive stats. But the one area that isn't addressed in most discussion of this particular scenario is that Callahan also works with the offensive line. And the offensive line found a new level of success in 2013. How much of that was Callahan, how much was better players, how much was assistant line coach Frank Pollack? That would be the only area of concern for me if Callahan left or was stripped of power.


Todd Archer makes an effort to delve into the whole situation.

Now we know why no major decisions have been made regarding the coaching staff with the offseason about to turn one-month old.

Only with the Cowboys.

There was a thought last season that the Cowboys had too many cooks in the kitchen when it came to the offense. Remember, this was still Garrett’s offense. But Romo was given more involvement in the game planning. Callahan brought his twists to the scheme as well, especially the running game.


In a surprisingly competitive and much more hard-hitting Pro Bowl, a Cowboy made one of the big plays. DeMarco Murray scored the touchdown that led to the win in the last minute.

In the end, Team Rice defeated Team Sanders 22-21 with a late touchdown from DeMarco Murray with just 41 seconds to play. A two-point conversion run Carolina’s Mike Tolbert gave Team Rice the lead. A 67-yard field goal attempt by Baltimore’s Justin Tucker fell short, giving Rice the win.

You can check out how the rest of the Cowboys did in the game with Jason Hatcher doing some good work.


This is a very sad story about former Cowboy Rayfield Wright and dementia. It goes along with what a significant group of former NFL players are dealing with today.


Check out this interesting story about the Cowboys and the Steelers Super Bowl game in 1979. It is known among the Las Vegas betting industry as "Black Sunday".

On January 21, at the Orange Bowl in Miami, the Steelers and Cowboys played in Super Bowl XIII, and the result for Las Vegas will always be remembered as "Black Sunday." The Steelers were 4.5-point favorites in that game. They were also -4 at times, and they were laying 3.5 at others. The Cowboys won the Super Bowl the prior year, but the Steelers beat Dallas in Super Bowl 10, three seasons prior. This really was a game for the ages, one that would determine which organization would go down as the dominant team of the 1970s.

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