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No Announcement On Scott Linehan - He Just Came To Work In Dallas

Rumors abound about the Dallas Cowboys hiring Scott Linehan to call offensive plays. The team has not made anything official, but according to a couple of national reporters, it is a done deal.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The news for the Dallas Cowboys in the week leading up to the Super Bowl is about Scott Linehan possibly being hired to play some kind of role in the offense. The exact nature of his speculative job has not been laid out nor is it clear exactly what it means for Bill Callahan. The team has not come out and made any announcement about the supposed hire, but multiple reports are that he has already joined the staff. Here are some of the pertinent bulletins coming out on Twitter today.

There are reports out at and at ESPN that the hire has happened, but they seem to be based on some of the tweets above.

There is also an indication that Callahan is going to still be working with the team.

Predictably, many of the reactions to this are that it is further sign of the dysfunction of the Cowboys, but as was noted above, it can also be seen as Jason Garrett asserting some increased control over his own staff as he enters a make or break year as head coach. It doesn't look like 2014 is going to be a boring one for Dallas.

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