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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Holding Strong On Marinelli

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: The Cowboys still haven't allowed Rod Marinelli to interview with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a complication surfaces during Tony Romo's back surgery, and Lance Dunbar expects to be 100 percent by the start offseason program.

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Inside The D-Coordinator Cards Held By Cowboys - Mike Fisher, CBS DFW
Fisher deftly summarizes the latest status regarding Marinelli, Kiffin and the potential outside candidates for the DC job. He concludes:

The good news for the Cowboys: They still have a coordinator in Kiffin. The better news: There are other defensive-coordinator cards they can play.

Cowboys holding strong, still haven't allowed Rod Marinelli to interview with Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Rainer Sabin, DMN
A lot may have happened in the wee hours of the morning, but when Sabin's article was published close to midnight last night, Marinelli still hadn't been granted permission to interview with Tampa Bay - and it's unclear whether that permission has even been asked for. In either case, the Cowboys are reluctant to let Marinelli go because he would be the most logical candidate to replace Monte Kiffin, if Kiffin has to take the fall for the 2013 defense.

Rod Marinelli could be Buccaneers' defensive coordinator under Lovie Smith - Bucs Nation
Sometimes you can appreciate what you have more if you view it through the eyes of others. Here's an excerpt of what the Buccaneers' SB Nation site thinks of Marinelli:

Rod Marinelli would be an outstanding hire for the Buccaneers, however. He has a long history of success as both a defensive line coach and defensive coordinator. He was instrumental in coaching the defensive linemen that built the vaunted Tampa 2 defense for the Bucs, as he was with the team from 1996 trough 2005. Former defensive linemen adore him, with Warren Sapp and Stephen White frequently praising his work.

All-NFC East: Dallas Cowboys - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Eight Cowboys players make ESPN's All-NFC East team: Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Tyron Smith and Ronald Leary on offense; Jason Hatcher and Sean Lee on defense; Dan Bailey and Dwayne Harris on special teams.

Dallas Cowboys 2014 Free Agents: Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer Lead List - Blogging The Boys
The Cowboys have 12 players eligible for some form of free agency. Dallas has decisions to make about some of their free agents, but the salary cap will inform much of the discussion.

Cowboys’ Romo Update: Complication In Back Surgery - Mike Fisher, DBS DFW
Uh Oh.

Sources say the three-to-four-month recovery period for back surgery is a result of the herniated disc procedure he underwent on Friday that may have revealed an additional complication: a rupture of jelly-like "disc material’’ into the spinal canal.

That "material’’ in the spinal canal can cause pressure on the nerves in the spine and a chemical irritation of the nerve roots. That can mean pain and a loss of motor skills – both clearly factors in the decision to give up on a "miracle’’ comeback for Romo, who played with this condition at the end of the Week 16 win at Washington but, even after receiving treatment and a steroid injection, could not function during the week before the Eagles finale – and therefore, the decision to undergo surgery.

What to make of Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray? - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
DeMarco Murray is signed through 2014, so the Cowboys don't have to make any moves right now, but Archer wonders whether Murray may have more value to Cowboys than to any other team, and whether it makes sense for the team to lock him up long term.

Cowboys RB Lance Dunbar hopes for better luck in 2014 - ESPN Dallas
Injured Cowboys RB Lance Dunbar expects to be 100 percent by the start offseason program. His surgery went well, and Dunbar expects to be fully healthy in time for the offseason conditioning program.

"I guess bad things happened at the wrong time that were out of my control," Dunbar said. "I guess I have to hope for better luck next year."

NFL Trends: The harsh truth of firing season -
Pat Kirwan offers some lowlights of what he's personally witnessed during head coach hiring/firing season. And you thought the Cowboys had it bad.

  • I have seen the owner's wife drive the final nail into the coach's coffin.
  • I've seen the 'bean counter' CFO scare the owner into thinking he had to fire the coach because of empty seats and, more importantly, luxury box owners screaming they wouldn't renew if the coach came back.
  • I've seen friends of the owner have way too much influence on the owner and convince him to let the coach go.
  • I remember a former team doctor scare an owner into believing that the coach was taking too many medical risks in the draft and playing guys he felt shouldn't play.
  • I worked for an owner that let the GM hire the first two head coaches and then, unannounced, hired the third by himself and on the fourth used a liaison to communicate with the fourth coach.
  • I know an owner who will remain nameless who had a search firm in place more as a cover-up so he could work behind the scenes. He called me, among a few others, trying to secure a certain candidate on his own because he didn't want his GM involved in the real search because he was planning to fire him as well if he could get the right guy.

NFL to consider reseeding playoffs purely by record -
The NFL says it's considering reseeding the playoffs and letting the team with the superior record host games even if they gain entrance to the postseason as a wild card.

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