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Dallas Cowboys News And Notes: Does Linehan Hire Mean Garrett Is Large And In Charge?

Thursday was a slow news day, so most of the breakfast linkies we are frying up in BTB's griddle pan have to do with the Scott Linehan hiring and its related, attendant stories

Scott Linehan's jaw inspires more confidence than does Bill Callahan's
Scott Linehan's jaw inspires more confidence than does Bill Callahan's
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Good and bad: Murray steps up; passing game doesn't - Nick Eatman, The Mothership

In part three of his "good and bad" series, Eatman focuses on the offense. The good? DeMarco Murray's second half of the season. The bad? The passing game's lack of dynamic, explosive plays - more specifically throws that traveled a long way in the air.

And now to the story that consumed the vast majority of Thursday's available column inches: the aftermath of the Linehan hire/ Callahan demotion:

Authority for Head coach should not be new concept - Nick Eatman, The Mothership

The prolific Eatman strikes again with an opinion piece in which he argues that a team's head coach must be allowed final decision-making authority when it comes to choosing a coaching staff. The recent hirings and demotions suggest that, unlike last offseason, Garrett has been given that authority.

Garrett given go ahead for changes - Chris Mortenson, ESPN

Mort exploited his old connections within the organization to secure an interview with Stephen Jones, who offered up a couple of juicy nuggets that serve to support Eatman's thesis.

On giving Garrett jurisdiction over hiring (if not firing):

"Absolutely, we gave Jason that authority when the season ended," Stephen Jones said. "This was another disappointing ending, and you just have let your head coach have that latitude. It's not always going to be pretty, it's going to hurt some feelings, but you have to let Jason evaluate his staff and do what he believes is right. That's what we did."

On Bill Callahan's reaction to his demotion:

"Bill is not thrilled, but Jason didn't expect him to be thrilled," Jones said. "But Bill is an outstanding coach; he will be involved in game planning and overseeing our offensive line. There was no way we were going to let him walk and we kept our promise that nobody was getting fired; in fact, we added another pretty well-paid coach in Linehan. Maybe that's something that happened we didn't originally plan -- we spent a little more money adding someone, but Jason is very pleased and so are we with Scott on board."

Is Scott Linehan the answer for Dallas - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas

Watkins presents what he terms a "history lesson," looking at some numbers form offenses that Linehan has coordinated in the past. After running these by the reader, he concludes:

The thing that should worry Cowboys fans regarding Linehan is the lack of points scored in the years he was running offenses with top talents such as Johnson, Holt, Jackson and two quarterbacks with strong arms in Stafford and Bulger....

In the past eight seasons, Linehan's offenses ranked in the top 10 just twice and finished lower than 25th three times.

Well, at least one esteemed scribe thinks Linehan has the necessary tools to build an offense.


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