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2014 NFL Draft: Positional Pet Cats For Your Dallas Cowboys Offense

It's draft season whether you want to admit it or not, so you might as well find some players you like to gravitate towards. Here are some early leaders on the offensive side of the ball.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It's early in the process, but as you can imagine, we've started our draft work in earnest, I've begun to gravitate towards several players at various levels of the draft. I run a bunch of mock draft exercises on the daily, watch film cut-ups of players that seem to be available, and generally spend every available minute that I'm not working or re-learning how to play FIFA after 15 years doing draft work.

I love it.

So, I'll be sharing some of my process with you all over the next few months, in hopes you'll enjoy the journey along with me. Hopefully, you've had a chance to catch up on my Draftnik Primer. If not, here's a handy link!

Today, I wanted to focus on the guys that are developing as my pet cats over the last few weeks. These are guys that I really think have a chance to be "the guy" at their position. The caveat? They aren't allowed to be known as the best at their position. We all know that we'd love to end up with JaDaveon Clowney, Ka'Deem Carey, Sammy Watkins and HaHa Clinton-Dix... no need to name them as pet cats. What fun would that be? You're going to hear about the Top 40-50 players for the next four months, and then feel clueless when Day 2 and 3 happen. No sir, not on my watch.

We're going to be starting with the offense and I already know what the comments are going to be:

"We need to spend all 7 picks on the defense!" Stop it. You're non-realism isn't welcome here. There will be offensive players selected, and needed, and if you read the primer you know why. So here are some of the players that have caught my eye to this point. There's a lot of work to be done, but it's a start!

Go 'head, get your pet cat on.

Prospect School
QB 2nd-4th Rd

Jimmy Garoppolo

Eastern Illinois

Top Prospect: Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville: Top 5

If you follow me on Twitter, or read my mocks over the last half of the season, you know of my infatuation with Garoppolo. He's played outstanding against FBS competition and exhibits very few bad mechanical habits in his picture perfect windup and delivery. The one question is that he plays in a quick strike offense, so it will be interesting to see how he performs in the East-West Shrine Game later on in the month. Really, really, like this kid.

I also like: Alex Tanney Jeff Matthews, Cornell, UDFA | Dynamic arm, heady player (obviously) but needs to work on mechanics.

Prospect School
RB 4th

Marion Grice

Arizona State

Top Prospect: Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona: 1st-2nd round

Two things really jump out at me about Grice. Unless he's gang-tackled, he normally doesn't just fall forward, but finds a way to get an additional 2-3 yards on a carry. It was really uncanny in the couple mash-ups that I watched how often he was able to wriggle from a tackle for extra yardage. Also, he's not just a good pass catcher for a running back, he can make acrobatic catches out there.

I also like: D'Anthony Thomas, Oregon: 5th-6th | Lance Dunbar insurance.

Prospect School
WR 3rd

Donte Moncrief

Ole Miss

Top Prospect: Sammy Watkins, Clemson: Top 15

Anyone interested in a polished route-runner, that stands 6'3, weighs 226 lbs, catches everything with his hands away from his body and even though he isn't a blazer, never seems to get caught from behind? That's the book on Moncrief and if Dallas truly wants to build a stable of wideouts similar to New Orleans and Green Bay, this could be Miles Austin's replacement. The Cowboys have a height-weight ratio that they target for wideouts. Moncrief fits that perfectly.

I also like: L'Damian Washington, Missouri: 5th-6th round | Speedster, 4.39 - 6'4", catch point go-getter. Needs to improve route running.

Prospect School
TE 2nd

J'Herrie Woodant

Yesseewood Duittew U.
Top Prospect: Eric Ebron, North Carolina: 1st Round

I got jokes! If there are any plans to move on from Witten's high salary, another TE in the mid-rounds is a possibility.
Prospect School
OT 3rd-4th

Ju'Wuan James


Top Prospect: Jake Matthews, Texas A&M: Top 3

James is a huge dude, 6'6" 325 lbs. Ironman, played and started in 49 consecutive games for the Vols, yes, that stretches back to his freshman year. He's a prototypical right tackle that also has the ability to handle speed rushers, which is highly important considering how much d-coords move their stars around now. Capable of regularly blocking on the second level, has good manuevability for a man any size, not just his size.

I also like: North Dakota State Billy Turner: 5th-6th round | Small school prospect that's anchored line for 3-time national champs. Can play in or outside.

Prospect School
OG 3rd

Xavier Su'a-FIlo


Top Prospect: David Yankey, Stanford, 1st-early 2nd

This is more of your typical year for guards, where the top prospects aren't Top 10 picks, but we're starting to see the guards climb up the respective boards so I don't know if he'll last this far. I love Su'a-Filo as he seems to be the best prospect for the combo power/ZBS that Dallas seems to have finally gotten a grip on. Powerful, powerful blocker who's athletic enough to pull with malice.

I also like: Florida's Jon Halapio, projected 4th-5th round. | Tough, tough guy, plenty of talent, played through series of injuries like it wasn't nothing.


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