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Pete Carroll Compares Seahawks To Cowboys Under Jimmy Johnson

The mark of any championship caliber team is how well it matches up to the great teams of yesteryear. The coach of the NFL's reigning champion weighs in on how well he feels that his team matches up.

Rob Carr

The Dallas Cowboys of the 90s dynasty years were among the greatest of all NFL franchises. You can construct a valid argument that they may have been the greatest of all time, but there would be no way to actually settle that debate. That is one of the things that makes talking sports so much fun. It is all opinion, all subject to the eye of the individual fan. Even the coaches at the game's highest level have their own opinions and they are no more provable than the ones shared by you and I.

Recently the coach of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks took advantage of this week's matchup between the 2014 edition of the Dallas Cowboys and his team to give his opinion of how his squad would fare against Jimmy Johnson's legendary crew. Just as Johnson and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had the blueprint for success during the pre-cap years, Pete Carroll seems to have the master plan for winning under the current rules.

"We would have loved to play those teams. It would be a blast to get Aikman back and all the fellas. We'd love that. But we don't get that chance. ... I believe as a coach, yeah, I think you can have a team that can match up to those kinds of teams, but that's kind of just wishful thinking probably." - Pete Carroll

Coach Carroll is right, the meeting of the 90's era Cowboys and the current Seahawks would be interesting. Both he and Coach Johnson built their teams with a similar type of guy. Both coaches wanted guys who were driven to prove themselves as the best in the business when they took the field; guys who would really get after the other team on gameday.

"I think it's interesting. You go all the way back to his yearly picks, some of those guys that had played for him [at Miami]. With a similar mindset, you wanted young, hungry, defensive guys, ran fast, played hard, tough mindset. We're very similar in that fashion."

The more I think about it, the more I have to agree with the coach from Seattle. A lot of the guys that he will put on the field this coming Sunday would have fit in well with Jimmy's Cowboys. For example, I could easily see a Richard Sherman fitting into the locker room with the dynasty teams. The game may be somewhat different than it was two decades ago but the real players never change and that was a large share of why both coaches found success: they sought out the guys who really love the game. With all else being equal, that makes all the difference. The 1990's Cowboys and Carroll's Seahawks are much more similar than they might appear to a casual observer.

"I think that both of us come out of a defensive background and I think we always cherished speed, toughness and that style, and we built our football team in a mold of defense and special teams and running the football. That's not much of a difference away from that style that they put forth back in the day.

You still need a great quarterback, you need a guy that can do all that, but I think there are some real similarities. I like thinking about that. I hope we can match up to that some day."

As much as I would like to sit here and tell you Pete Carroll is talking nonsense, I have to admit that he just might be speaking truth. His teams still have things to prove, but they seem to me like they are on the right track to take their place among the legendary dynasties of the NFL.

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