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Would Big Win In Seattle Guarantee Extension For Jason Garrett?

Could a hard-fought victory, in one of the toughest road-game environments, against the defending Super Bowl champs seal the deal on a contract extension for Jason Garrett? Should it?

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Garrett is on the last year of his coaching contract. And yet, there hasn't been much talk about it since the preseason hot-seat discussions (except on BTB, of course).

With the Dallas Cowboys playing well and surviving (dare I say thriving) with a 4-1 start to the season, would defeating the Seattle Seahawks to solidify a five game win-streak while sitting atop the league standings earn Garrett a new contract?

This offseason, Jerry Jones fumbled his way through a description of Jason Garrett's grit through uncertainty, and implied the Dallas head coach would thrive under the pressure the team was under heading into 2014.

Others, though, by not knowing, the Mississippi riverboat gambler would be the epitome of that, he doesn't know if he's going to win the hand when the card turns up or get thrown overboard. He's at his charming best, he operates the very best."- Jerry Jones

Few would deny that Jerry Jones has a lot to gain with a successful Jason Garrett era. After all, JG is JJ's guy. A former player of the franchise sighted by the savvy owner and thrust into the heir apparent position. If Garrett succeeds, Jerry gets a winning franchise and praise for his coaching find. But does he truly believe this team is playing harder and better because Garrett is uncertain of his coaching future? Or could this be the first true glimpse into a Garrett-coached franchise with all the right coaching and front-office staff putting together contenders through the right process? Is there a clear team improvement that warrants an extension?

As fans, we all have our own opinions, but it will be interesting to see at what point Jerry Jones starts sending teasers to the media about an extension for his head coach...or even if it will happen. Worst-case scenario, the Cowboys manage a mid- or late-season collapse and waste the good start to the season. But at what point does the knowledge of a long-term future with Garrett help the team rally and (best-case scenario) head into the playoffs with confidence or even home-field advantage? Garrett may thrive like a riverboat gambler, but could the news inspire the team even further after a possible signature win this weekend?

Would you offer an extension if the Cowboys were to win, convincingly or determinedly, on the road in Seattle and reach a 5-1 record before starting to play their division games?

Personally, I think the futures of Jason Garrett and Tony Romo are inseparable, or at least should be for this franchise. Tony Romo's contract and strong early performance in 2014 have him destined to play for the Cowboys for at least another two to three years, barring some catastrophe. If Romo's deal isn't restructured, though I think it will slightly, he has the remainder of this season and then two more before his dead money drops significantly to five million. So heading into the 2017 season, if Romo is no longer a good option as starter, the team could cut him without the consequences of dead money being too severe (while also removing a 20 mil cap hit). If Romo can play for three more seasons after 2014, there would be no dead money left on his contract (without restructure) heading into the 2018 season.

Based on Tony Romo's timeline and capitalizing on a possible season-defining victory, I would offer a three-year extension to Jason Garrett following a big win in Seattle. In fact, I would add a mutually agreed upon option for a further four years depending on the success the franchise experiences heading into 2018. It would allow Garrett and Romo (and hopefully guys like Jason Witten and Dez Bryant) a chance to continue to capitalize on this trend of improvement and get a chance to do what wasn't possible earlier in their careers. Honestly, even without a big win this weekend, I feel Garrett has created a franchise, staff, and roster that are a credit to his approach to team building. I think the coaching staff and front office have reached an apex that should not be disrupted the next few years.

Thus, with Garrett deserving an extension and Romo being his franchise quarterback, the contract timeline for a three-year extension seems simple. The Cowboys would have 2014-2017 to prove the franchise is now in good enough shape to create another Dallas Super Bowl contender. In 2018, that mutually agreed upon four-year option would allow a pre-existing reward for success to Jason Garrett, and Jerry Jones a chance to leave the franchise in the capable hands of his kids (including the addition of a red-headed genius) while riding off into the sunset with another ring or two. If not, then at least the new head coach can head into 2018 with a clean slate at quarterback and a chance to start creating this franchise anew.

At least that is my hope for the future of the Dallas Cowboys: a long-view thinking, stable, competitive franchise, one in which the fans will look back upon the success of a gritty win on the road in Seattle as a signature game in the maturation of the Dallas Cowboys Jason Garrett Era.

But would you guarantee a future with Jason Garrett if the team does win this weekend? Or would you wait until later in, or the end of, the season to make a decision?

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