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Cowboys 30 - Seahawks 23: Dallas Overcome Themselves And Seattle To Win

This win is about as unlikely as you can get.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

If anybody said beforehand that the Dallas Cowboys would give up a touchdown on a blocked punt against Seattle, most sane people would guess that Dallas would lose the game. If you added that Dallas would basically gift-wrap 17 points for the Seahawks, it's almost certain the prediction would be a loss. If Dallas was going to lose the turnover battle 2-1, combined with the other mistakes, there is no way anybody would think the Cowboys could win the game. Not on the road. Not in Seattle. Not against the 12th man. Not against the World Champions.

Yet that's exactly what this team did on its way to a 5-1 record. This particular edition of the Cowboys are different. They are something they haven't been in recent years - and that is resilient. They just don't give up. When they were down 21 points to the Rams, they simply kept plugging away until they won the game. When they couldn't close the deal in regulation against the Texans, they stuck with it and prevailed in overtime. When things turned ugly in the third quarter of this game and a 17-10 lead quickly became a 20-17 deficit, the Cowboys kept coming. When Dallas needed Tony Romo to pull a Romodini then hit Terrance Williams with a sideline catch for the ages to convert a third and 20, they just did it.

You can go through all the stats, all the schemes, all the play-calls, all the film you want, but there is an intangible quality in this team that they haven't had before. They are resilient, they keep believing, they stay confident in what they do, but more than all that, they execute. Even when their backs are up against the wall, or maybe more accurately, especially when their backs are up against the wall, they manage to churn out the plays needed to win ballgames. This mystical quality has largely been absent in Dallas.

As a team, you don't want to test fate too often. It's hard to keep winning games like today's throughout the course of a season. But it is exactly these kinds of wins that can propel a team forward. It can give them the confidence they need to know they can play with anybody, anywhere and come away victorious. As fans, we don't want to get too giddy about this game, there is still a long way to go this season. Still, it's impossible to watch this team and not see that there is something different about them. Instead of folding like they usually did in the past, they instead impose their will. They see adversity and they slay it.

For fans who have endured years of mediocrity and inevitable collapses, this season has been a particularly welcomed tonic.

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