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Cowboys News & Notes: Do You Believe After The Seahawks Game?

Dallas' 30-23 win over Seattle is finally convincing people that the Cowboys are a serious contender in the NFL.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Before we commence with the regularly scheduled news update, it is mandatory that all Dallas Cowboys fans here at Blogging the Boys read the following posts from our resident all around genius, OCC. If you haven't, go ahead, we'll wait for you.

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That is pure comedic blogging gold, there. OK, on with our normal collection of newsy stuff.


The theme of the day has to be all those who are starting to see the light. After all manner of excuses and explanations of how Dallas was not legitimate, the 30-23 victory (which was really more of a domination by Dallas than the score indicates, just in case you missed that memo) over the Seattle Seahawks has finally convinced a lot of people that this Cowboys team is not at all who they thought they were.

The Morning After: Cowboys 30, Seahawks 23 (5-1) | Dallas Morning News

Bob Sturm has a new gig with DMN, but he is promising to continue with his established posting schedule. I hope he does, since his is some of the best, most logically reasoned analysis out there. He was on of many who were openly skeptical about this team before the season. He is now one of many who are coming to very different conclusions.

And that is what strikes me this morning as I sift through the details. There is almost no direction you can view this game from and not come away impressed by this upstart squad. They went into Seattle and demonstrated on the largest of stages that they are the real deal and a team to take seriously this year. The narratives are going to be written by whoever wishes to write them, but this team is not winning because they are getting less from their QB. Tony Romo is putting some of his best performances out there in this last month. He is transforming before our very eyes (at an age where QBs seldom transform) into an efficient, yet lethal, play-maker. That 3rd and 20 play to Terrance Williams is just another fantastic, jaw-dropping play from the QB in as many weeks.

And maybe that is why this season is starting to feel different than so many before it. This finally looks like a team around Romo. Ironic, I am sure, that it was proven yesterday on the same field where he was given his reputation by the national press back in 2006 for being a "choke artist". Also, ironic, I am sure, that it was the same field where Seattle and Dallas crossed paths in 2012 as Seattle was emerging as an NFC power while Dallas was still running in place.

New attitude: These Dallas Cowboys won't fade - ESPN

Jean-Jacques Taylor has had one or two mildly negative things to say about the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, and various and sundry other Cowboys players and staff in the past. Nice to see him taking a different stance.

A different kind of vibe has enveloped the Cowboys for weeks. They talk with a confidence born from a belief in each other and a coaching staff that preaches the same message each day. Each win builds their confidence in each other and the message. And veterans like Jason Witten and Romo have persuaded their teammates that the sins of past Cowboys teams have zero to do with them.

Obviously, some of the players are the same, but this team's soul is different.

Gosselin: 2014 Cowboys reminiscent of Dallas' Super Bowl teams from '90s | Dallas Morning News

Rick Gosselin also has been somewhat critical of things dealing with the Star since, oh, cellular phones weighed in at over a pound. He talks about how Terrance Williams has become the second target so other teams cannot just focus on Dez Bryant, and how it parallels the role Alvin Harper had playing on the same team as one Michael Irvin. But notice especially the last sentence of the quote.

Strip the 80 off Harper and the 83 off Williams and watch the tape. They are the same player two decades apart. And just as Harper broke the backs of defenses with long plays, Williams is making those same big plays to help resurrect these Cowboys as Super Bowl contenders.

Monday Read Option: Dallas Cowboys Bring Doomsday to Seattle, Ron Rivera Kicks a Late Tying Field Goal and Survives | The Big Lead

I just want to point out, they brought up the "Doomsday" thing, not me. But this is one of those posts with some great GIFs, so it is worth checking out. Meanwhile, how long has it been since you read so many nice things about dem boyz?

We could talk about the offense, and the offensive line is clearly the best in the NFL, but let's instead talk about the defense. That's the truly unexpected part. Russell Wilson had a 53 yard pass to Jermaine Kearse on the first possession. He had a total of 66 passing yards after that.

Dallas' team pursuit and collective aggressiveness in rallying to the ball was impressive, and you might want to get to know the name Justin Durant. (Orlando Scandrick also had an outstanding game.)

LeBron & Jamie Foxx -- Dust Off Dallas Cowboys Gear ... All Aboard the Celebrity Bandwagon! |

Just pointing out that the bandwagon is starting to fill up fast.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys: National media on Seattle's struggles, Dallas' dominance | Take 2 | Seattle Times

It does seem a bit, you know, like gloating to keep piling up articles about how total and impressive Dallas's domination of Seattle was. So instead of us continuing to bring together articles from all over the country, let's let their local media do it for us.

If you're a Seahawks fan, the Dallas Cowboys' 30-23 victory at CenturyLink Field on Sunday was painful to watch. But you probably want to know why it happened and what it means. And the national media that descended on Seattle over the weekend spent Sunday night trying to put it all into perspective.

Was it a statement game announcing Dallas as a new NFC contender? Or a loss that shows the Seahawks' vulnerability? Or both?

Here's a roundup of media reaction after Seattle's loss from the national media and major newspapers.

Rolando McClain making difference in middle for Dallas Cowboys defense |

The surprising new leader of the defense gets a little love from his home state.

Last week, McClain didn't make it through practice until Friday. But on Sunday, he was still on the field for the Dallas defense's last play, and he intercepted a pass from Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson with 42 seconds to play to seal the Cowboys' 30-23 victory - their fifth in a row after a season-opening loss.

"He's an animal, man," Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick said of McClain after the game.


And a few takes on the game from some of the regular suspects around here.

Cowboys defense a surprise to others if not themselves - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas

Players, coaches, heck, even the general manager are having one heckuva year. One of the major influences this season took a few moments after the game to explain just how this is all happening.

"I thought we really played hard and were very physical," defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said. "That was our plan -- how hard and how tough we could be. That's kind of our calling card I think. It's toughness. We've got a bunch of tough guys who play hard and really try to do everything we can to do things right." 

As Marinelli spoke, he wore a polo shirt with the words "22 men" inside a Cowboys star. 

"All 22 guys just working together," Marinelli said. "It's not 11. It's a bunch of guys rotating and playing."

Spagnola: This Defense Becoming The Real Deal

Most expected Dallas to have a potent offense, but the ascent of the defense has raised the most eyebrows. And they were pretty danged impressive against the defending Super Bowl champs.

The Seahawks totaled only 206 yards of offense.

The Seahawks ran for only 80 yards, their hammer, Marshawn Lynch, just 61, with 32 of those coming on one of his 10 runs.

The Seahawks gained only 83 yards in the first half - 53 of those on one completion that should have been called back on a pick - collected just three first downs - one of those by penalty - and just nine for the game.

The feared Percy Harvin touched the ball six times, three receptions, three runs, and finished with a grand total of ... minus-1 yard.

Broaddus: How The Defense Bottled Up Harvin; More Notes

The Seahawks have three primary offensive weapons in Wilson, Lynch, and Harvin. The Cowboys neutralized all three, but especially Harvin.

Rod Marinelli's troops played Harvin like they were in the Seattle huddle with him. It was only six days before that Harvin scored from three different spots in this offense against the Redskins, but the Cowboys would have none of that. The tone was set very early in the game when Wilson handed him the ball out of the backfield going left and Jeremy MinceyTyrone Crawford and Justin Durant all beat blocks and tackled him for a loss.


Finally, some news on injury issues for both the Cowboys and their next opponent, the New York Giants.

Dallas Cowboys Doug Free's status up in air with sprained foot - ESPN Dallas

Early reports are that the injury Doug Free suffered could keep him out three or four weeks, depending on which source you read. Everyone sort of held their breath when Jermey Parnell came in to relieve him - and exhaled in relief when Parnell helped open the hole for DeMarco Murray's touchdown run on his first play.

Garrett praised Parnell's work off the bench at the end of the Seahawks' game. 

"He came off the ball," Garrett said. "One of the challenges for guys like that going into a game like that is that everybody's been playing for a while. The crowd noise and all that stuff, you get used to that. All of a sudden you come in fresh, you're kind of clean but everybody else is well into this thing. I thought he responded well emotionally and mentally to that situation and those were big plays he played."

DeMarcus Lawrence to begin practice on Wednesday - ESPN Dallas

He is still on track to be available to play in week nine of the season.

Lawrence (could) make his season debut on Nov. 2 against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cowboys will have to create an opening on the 53-man roster once he is eligible to play.

Giants visit Cowboys without Victor Cruz after season-ending injury | Dallas Morning News

Hate to see any player go down like he did yesterday.

Coach Tom Coughlin said Monday that Cruz will need surgery to repair a torn patellar tendon in his right knee.

Giants dealing with injury concerns at cornerback | ProFootballTalk

It sounds like Trumaine McBride is definitely out with surgery needed on his thumb after the game, and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie may also be out due to an IT band injury. He also suffered from back spasms in the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Giants have already lost Walter Thurmond for the season, leaving them with Prince AmukamaraZack Bowman and Jayron Hosley as healthy corners heading into next Sunday's date with the Cowboys. Assuming McBride heads to injured reserve, they could promote Bennett Jackson from the practice squad or look outside the organization to round out the group.


Today is Stephen A. Smith's birthday, and also the day he'll have to show up on ESPN's First Take decked out in Cowboys gear. With a hat tip to BTB member ROFLcyclone, here's how Skip Bayless baited him into that:


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