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Cowboys Running Back Joseph Randle Arrested For Shoplifting

Really? Shoplifting? It never ceases to amaze...

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are facing a new distraction today as backup running back Joseph Randle was arrested for shoplifting. According to sources for the Star-Telegram, Randle was arrested for shoplifting...are you ready for this... a bottle of cologne and underwear. The article goes on to state that Frisco police have confirmed the arrest for a Class B misdemeanor of theft between $50 - $500. Best of all, there's a videotape!

So Joseph Randle has his best game of the season, playing a significant role in the win over Seattle and he celebrates by shoplifting cologne and underwear? If this turns out to be the case, the things people do never ceases to amaze. He might not be paid like a superstar, but he's making plenty of cash. Why he would do something like this and jeopardize his playing time is beyond comprehension.

While we're on the bad news front, this morning Jerry Jones confirmed that right tackle Doug Free fractured his foot and will likely miss 3-4 weeks. Jeremy Parnell will be his replacement and while Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones are expressing confidence that Parnell will be up to the task, he'll have to prove it.

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