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GMC Playbook: Do The Cowboys Have The Confidence To Come From Behind?

Maybe Marshall Faulk needs to watch a few of the games from earlier this year.

Steve Dykes

This week's GMC Professional Grade question is pretty easy to answer.

Well, if you consider all the aspects, the variables, look at the opponent . . .

Forget that nonsense. This is 2014. The Cowboys drive the length of the field and win. The line dominates, Tony Romo completes the passes he needs to, DeMarco Murray runs hard, and then after Dan Bailey kicks the go-ahead extra point, the defense comes out and stuffs the opponent. That is how Dallas rolls now.

That is not something I would have said last season, or any season this century, really. There was always some doubt. But after the way they have played during the five game winning streak, there is a new confidence about them. It is exceeded only by the confidence that exists on the team. Born of the physical game they are bringing in all phases (before he became a name on Dillard's most wanted, Joseph Randle was laying Percy Harvin out on kick returns back in Seattle), the confidence is not one where they believe they will win, it is a knowledge they are going to. After all, they have already come from behind three times this year.

Of course, this can always end with a bad performance, but right now Dallas has all the momentum. And all the signs are that the team is intent on taking care of business.

There is not much else to say. One way or another, facing that situation, these Cowboys win.

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