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What Is A Realistic End Of Season Record For The Dallas Cowboys?

With the Cowboys currently at 6-1, what is a reasonable record for them at the end of the year?

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The Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 and looking like one of, if not THE, best team in the NFL at this point in the season. With Anthony Spencer getting back to normal week by week, and with DeMarcus Lawrence likely to start playing in a couple of weeks, we can realistically think that  Dallas in the Super Bowl is certainly within the realm of possibility.

Let me drive home the reasons this team is for real.

  • They stay balanced in their attack
  • They are the best in the NFL at converting third downs (one of the most important stats)
  • They have the new "triplets" that many are calling "The Big Three"
  • They have Dan Bailey
  • They have Rolando McClain and Orlando Scandrick
  • They have Rod Marinelli
  • They never panic and can comeback from big miscues
  • They believe they can do it
  • They have the best offensive line in the NFL that is just dominating their opponent

So what is a realistic "end of season" record for the Cowboys? Let's examine the remaining schedule and put some W's and L's next to them. Below are my picks for Dallas.

Week Home Away Result
8 Redskins W
9 Cardinals W
10 Jaguars W
12 Giants L
13 Eagles W
14 Bears L
15 Eagles L
16 Colts W
17 Redskins L
Totals 4 5 5-4
Final Record 11-5


Notice that I have given us wins for all four of our home games and split the series home and away with our division rivals, and then show a loss to the Bears which may be generous given the way they are playing now.

That means that even a less than realistic view is that we barely split the remaining games going only 5-4 or only a 56 percent winning record for those remaining games and the only reason we might only go 5-4 is because it is so very difficult to sweep your division. Therefore, most of us probably see us going better than 5-4 down the stretch, and doesn't 6-3 down the stretch and a 12-4 season seem the more reasonable outcome?

So, what do you guys think, shouldn't we expect better than 5-4 for our remaining 9 games and if so, which one (or more) of my projected losses do you guys see us winning? And the next question to ponder is will it take better than 11-5 or 12-4 to win the division?

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