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Cowboys News & Notes: The New Triplets?

People are no longer shy about comparing the top offensive weapons of today's team to those of the nineties' dynasty.

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Ronald Martinez

The Morning After: Cowboys 31, Giants 21 | Dallas Morning News

Bob Sturm continues to have a sense of wonder about how in the world the Dallas Cowboys have stormed to 6-1 and started to look like a very real Super Bowl contender. He delves deep into things, muses at the end that the big three on the offense in 2014 seem remarkably similar to the three that were involved in winning three Lombardi Trophies in four years.

Nobody wants to say they remind us of the 1990s Dallas Cowboys offense, because there is that issue with 4 years of solid winning that is missing.  Yet, stylistically, if ever there seemed to be a cover band of that crew, it sure seems like the Cowboys are actually pulling it off for now.  And, to be fair, if anyone has ever been accused of obsessively trying to recreate that crew (that most of us say cannot ever be recreated) it is the man who runs the entire organization.

At 6-1, none of us know where this thing is headed.  But, when DeMarco/Emmitt is carrying the mail until a big 3rd down when Troy/Romo throws a slant to Dez/Irvin and the chains are moved again, it does make you wonder a bit...

Cowboys new 'Triplets' leading NFL's best offense - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

While Sturm may be hesitant to go ahead and call Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, and Dez Bryant a new version of the triplets, Jean-Jacques Taylor - yes, you read that right - doesn't hesitate (even though head coach Jason Garrett, as might be expected, tries to demur).

"We don't like to compare things," said Garrett, when asked about The Triplets. "Those are some of the best teams in the history of the National Football League. 

"That was a good formula for playing winning football back then -- being able to run the ball and spread it around to everybody. That's certainly an objective of ours." 

Garrett played for those championship teams in the '90s, and he has built this team in their image. 

And a new collection of Triplets has made the Cowboys contenders.

Michael Irvin: Cowboys win against Giants 'reminds me so much of what we did' | Dallas Morning News

Okay, so what does one of the original Triplets have to say about all this?

"It's so crazy fun because it does harken back to those days, man, and just watching the guys play. And I just love to see how they don't let anything get them all the way down anymore. They have faith and confidence that OK, the situation has happened, and we'll come out of it. And that defense, they're always trying to strip that ball, and they're swarming, man. It's pretty fascinating to watch."

What happened Sunday in the NFL: Scores, highlights and 5 things to know from Week 7 -

This wrap up of all the games from Sunday puts things succinctly for Dallas.

DeMarco Murray rushed for 128 yards and the Cowboys improved to 6-1 with a home win over the Giants, holding on to the pole position as the No. 1 team in the NFC right now.

Garrett shuns contract talk with hot Dallas start - The Washington Post

If things continue in the same vein for the Cowboys, there will be a new deal for the head coach who has been so instrumental in the success this season. And his approach to that reflects the approach he takes to everything, and that he has gotten the team to buy into, which all ties together in a team that seems to completely avoid getting caught up in the growing hype.

"I just know where I need to focus, where our team needs to focus and it needs to focus on playing our best football," he said when reporters brought up the subject Monday. "That's really what I think about."

Scout's Eye: Terrell McClain Plays Up To His Potential; Other Thoughts -

One of the things Bryan Broaddus looked at was how Jermey Parnell did in filling in for the injured Doug Free. Looks like he carried the "next man up" banner pretty well.

From the press box, my initial thought on Jermey Parnell was that he struggled in the first half but managed to play better in the second. The tape showed that he was actually more consistent than I believed he was.

The tackle for loss that Mathias Kiwanuka had on him was a mental error instead of a physical one. He made the mistake of pass setting instead of run blocking, and that allowed Kiwanuka to take a hard inside charge to the ball and it left Parnell out of position to handle that move.

Other than that assignment error, I would say that he was assignment-sound and did a solid job of handling Kiwanuka during the game, as well as Jason Pierre-Paul for a snap. He was physical in the running game and was good working with both Zack Martin and the tight ends. In that final drive, he had a key cut off block that allowed DeMarco Murray to bend the ball back to the outside for a 17-yard gain to help seal the victory.

Heavily criticized 2013 draft class coming up big for Dallas Cowboys - ESPN

With the three catch, two touchdown performance of Gavin Escobar in the game, minds are changing about the draft where, in addition to taking Escobar, the Cowboys traded down (passing on Sharrif Floyd in the process) and got Travis Frederick and Terrance Williams in exchange.

Just another draft disaster for Dallas, further proof that Jones needs to give up GM duties to give the Cowboys a chance to return to glory. 

Or so many of us thought. Hindsight being 20/20, Jones and his Valley Ranch advisory committee put together a heck of a draft class.

For change, Cowboys enjoy home-field advantage - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas

Amazing what a nice win streak will do for you.

Dallas definitely didn't have to use a silent count, as was the case during their overtime win against the Texans earlier this month. In fact, the home crowd was actually a factor in causing a couple of false starts by the Giants. 

"I think this was as fine an hour for our crowd that we've had," owner Jerry Jones said.

Notes: Cowboys Work Out 2: Pope's Game Ball; Grading Parnell

Just a reminder that the staff never sits still on this stuff.

Offensive tackle Keavon Milton and linebacker Troy Milton - both undrafted free agents in 2013 - both worked out for the team following the Cowboys' division win against New York on Sunday.

Oh, and if you haven't watched Garrett's emotions getting the best of him when he gave a game ball to tight ends coach Mike Pope (of the bizarre drills during training camp, like throwing ice water on the players), it's worth following the link to see.

Jerry Jones: 6-1 record 'above' expectations - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN

Just sayin'. Even the biggest optimist in the organization did not see this coming.

Count owner and general manager Jerry Jones among the skeptics at the start of the season. With the Cowboys now holding a 6-1 record, count Jones among the believers. 

"I think our record is above what we could have expected," Jones said. "But we have it and it's a credit to a team that is building in their confidence."

Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys CB Brandon Carr battling a ‘little’ hamstring injury | Dallas Morning News

The headline says it all. Maybe that is why he has been struggling a bit. Or maybe he is just not the player the team thought he was when they signed him. Let's hope it is the former.

Time to give Tony Romo some love for Cowboys' hot start | Sporting News
This going to go down well with the Romo fans.

Among quarterbacks in the NFL in 2014, Romo came into the game fourth in passer rating at 100.5, just behind Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Yet until just then, no one has put him in the same breath.

It's wrong to think Romo's latest super-efficient play is just a product of this running game kick the Cowboys are on.

The 15 funniest memes from Cowboys’ win over Giants, including sad Stephen A. Smith | Dallas Morning News

Worth a chuckle or two, although those who are concerned about political correctness may not approve.

How New York media reacted to Cowboys' win: See the covers | DMN

"Trumpty Dumpty" and "Crappy Trails." Just two of the fun headlines the New York papers found for the game against the Cowboys on Sunday.

CBS Protects Colts vs. Cowboys in Week Sixteen from Flex Scheduling - Stampede Blue
CBS has protected the Colts versus Cowboys game in week sixteen from flex scheduling, meaning that it can not be moved to Sunday night.

Cardinals vs. Cowboys may be 'flexed' to Sunday night
NBC is scheduled to broadcast the Ravens at the Steelers a week from Sunday. But the Cardinals (5-1) vs. Cowboys (6-1) figures to be a better draw, especially if they both win this week. The NFL must announce which, if any game, it decides to flex by Wednesday this week.

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