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After The Upset: Will The Cowboys Adjust?

The one thing that good teams do is to adjust to any weakness that was exposed by a team. Washington exposed the lack of a good counter to the use of all-out-blitzes. Bubble screens work well as do hot routes, but the problem with what Washington did was they showed all-out-blitzes often but only came on some of them.

Get that ball higher!
Get that ball higher!
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things that happened Monday night was the Cowboys got exposed by the all-out-blitz. They were not only not prepared, but they did not do any in-game adjustments for it either. I think Scott Linehan and Jason Garrett will fix it this week and be ready for what will surely be continued all-out-blitzes until the Cowboys prove that they can handle it.

There were times when the Redskins would overload one side and bring more than the Cowboys could block, so what the Cowboys need to do is to hand the ball to DeMarco Murray and run to the side opposite the overload. Many teams handle the all-out-blitz by doing max-protect, but when you max-protect and they are just faking the blitz you only have two skill players out in the routes and they are usually covered very well.

We will certainly see what the Cowboys do in the next game and it should be well thought out and effective and so in a way this might be a blessing in disguise since it is better that this weakness be exposed now rather than when we are in the playoffs and are in the win-or-go-home mode.

One other quick note about the game Monday Night, both DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant have one thing in common when it comes to fumbles and that one thing is they are usually fighting for that one extra yard. Let's hope that the coaching staff recognizes this and urges them to get down once they are swarmed upon by the defense and not be fighting against insurmountable odds and then cough it up.

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