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Could Tony Romo Miss Time With Back Injury?

There are mixed messages out of Valley Ranch about Tony Romo's status, but is that reason for concern or is it just gamesmanship?

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Tom Pennington

Tony Romo sat out all of the fourth quarter on Monday after suffering what is now being called a "back contusion," but returned to play four snaps in overtime. The assumption since then has been that if Romo was able to come back during the game, he certainly would be available for the next game - a thought Romo himself expressed in his postgame press conference.

But two nights removed from the game, the situation may not be as clear cut, as Ed Werder tweeted earlier this morning:

Late last night, David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reported that the Cowboys were "evasive" about Romo's status, but that the evasiveness may have been more about caution than concern.

In addition to the X-rays taken during the game on Monday night, Romo underwent  CT scan yesterday to rule out any further structural damage. The simple fact that he underwent a CT scan has already fueled a lot of speculation, and the fact that he will sit out Wednesday's practice - as he has done all season - will undoubtedly fuel more speculation. And Jason Garret wasn't particularly forthcoming about Romo's status for Sunday either.

"We've just got to wait and see how he feels, obviously," head coach Jason Garrett said Tuesday. "He's been in that routine where he hasn't practiced on Wednesday, and he's been doing the walk-throughs and all that. Tomorrow's practice, because we played last night, will be abbreviated anyway and will be more of a jog-through-type mode. We'll see what he's capable of doing."

Of course, all of this may be nothing more than gamesmanship designed to keep the Cardinals in the dark as long as possible about which QB they'll face on Sunday, as David Moore writes:

The Cowboys have no problem fueling this uncertainty while the Cardinals’ coaches put together a game plan.

All things considered, if Romo does have to sit out a few weeks, this isn't the worst part of the schedule for that to happen, as Ed Werder points out in his tweet. The Cowboys face the Cardinals at home, then play the Jaguars in London and get their bye week after that. And Brandon Weeden looked like he can play effectively in a pinch.

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