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Tony Romo Addresses Injury; Says It Is Not Just About Pain Tolerance

The Cowboys quarterback commented on his back injury.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Noted doctor Jerry Jones said earlier that Tony Romo's injury is just about pain management and that if the quarterback can handle that he should be able to play. Of course, Jones isn't really a noted doctor so naturally Tony Romo had something a little different to say about his back and playing on Sunday.

The quarterback says it is not just about pain, if it was he would definitely play. From the Dallas Morning News:

"If it turns out to be just the pain tolerance, I will play,’’ Romo said. "That part has never been an issue. But you’ve got to wait to see.

"It will be about your ability to be productive in some fashion. That part of it, we will continue to evaluate.’’

The Cowboys had a CT scan done on Romo's back but so far no one has been very forthcoming about what was found, in anything. As the DMN notes, neither Garrett or Romo is labeling the injury as a simple back contusion, leading to speculation that something more is going on.

"I don’t want to get into specifics about what it is,’’ Romo said. "It will be something you’ll look at each day, figure out a way to manage it and go from there."

But Romo did say that it has nothing to do with his back surgery and that his could have happened at any time in his career, stressing that it is not a re-injury of the surgically-repaired part of his back.

His response about playing on Sunday?

"At a certain point there needs to be a shift in the way you feel that shows you’re able to do the fundamental things that need to get done,’’ Romo said. "From there, you need to get the doctor’s clearance."

Stay tuned, it sounds like it is not out of the question that Brandon Weeden could be the starter on Sunday.

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