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Who Needs The Win More, Cowboys Or Cardinals?

It is a match-up between two division front-runners. Nobody wants a loss, of course, but Dallas needs it more.

A couple of fair wide receivers who are looking for the win in Dallas on Sunday.
A couple of fair wide receivers who are looking for the win in Dallas on Sunday.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Marshall Faulk has a question specific to the matchup between our Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals.

In case you might not be able to watch the video because your boss is walking around in the office or something, here is a transcript:

Division-leading Arizona and Dallas have surprised all experts. They surprised me, too. To be GMC Professional Grade you must seize opportunity when presented. This huge matchup may determine where the conference championship game is played. Who has the most realistic path? Which team needs home field advantage more-Dallas or Arizona?

This, of course, presumes a home field advantage, something that is not always evident in AT&T Stadium. Both the Cowboys' losses have come in the supposedly friendly confines there. However, it is almost certain that in a playoff situation, as Faulk speculates, the crowd would not be one with the numbers of fans of the visiting team that has been seen in several games this year.

Faulk's question touches on the possibility that Dallas and Arizona maintain their lead in the conference. That remains to be seen, of course. But if they should do so, there is no doubt that both teams would covet hosting the conference championship, or any playoff game they can. Road wins are never easy in the NFL, and teams naturally prefer playing in their home stadium. For that reason alone, the Cowboys would want home field.

But looking just at this game, right now, there is no doubt that Dallas needs it more. They are coming off a loss to a division rival, while the Cards just beat a different NFC East team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Arizona also has opened up a two game lead over both the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, while Dallas clings to a bare half game margin over the Eagles. All indications are that the NFC East will go down to the wire, most likely between the Cowboys and Eagles, and there is no margin for error right now. This is not a must-win game, but the Cowboys really need it more than the Cardinals.

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