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Dallas, Houston Police Fire "Shots" At Each Other Over Sunday's Game

With both teams coming in at 3-1, fans across Texas are looking forward to this meeting to determine who holds the bragging rights in the Lone Star State for 2014. Even the local police are getting fired up over this one.

Ronald Martinez

The Houston Texans have only been around since 2002, so there is not a long history of rivalry games between the Cowboys and the Texans. That does not mean that there is not some serious smack talk taking place this week.

Due to the recent success in Houston (with last season being an exception) and a lack thereof in Dallas, a lot of fans in Space City have been talking trash about the Cowboys. As residents of the area, myself and fellow front page writer Joey Ickes have heard it all, so now we both are looking forward to the Cowboys putting an end to the talking on Sunday.

It seems like Joey and I are not the only ones who are tired of hearing from the people who have jumped on the Texans bandwagon in recent years. The Dallas Police Department recently joined the fray and launched the following shot at their Houston colleagues, bringing attention to something many of us loyal, blue-clad Texans know will happen:

I suspect that they are correct. There were a lot of Cowboys fans in Houston when I arrived here. With the emergence of the local team, many loyalties shifted. If the Texans stumble and the Cowboys stay the course, many of those fans will put away the J.J. Watt jerseys and dig out their "vintage" Cowboys gear. Most fans love a winner.

I have to hand it to the men and women of the "Thin Blue Line" here in the Houston area, as they responded in kind with a tweet that also found its mark.

This one hits home. Cowboys fans are pretty fond of reminding everyone of their five Super Bowl wins. Football is a "What have you done for me lately?" business, and the Dallas Cowboys are riding a down streak of epic proportions. While early indications are that the 'Boys might find their way back into prominence, they have not done so yet.

As a Texan with ties to both the Dallas area by birth and the Houston area by residence, I am enjoying this one. It is good for the state to have two teams successful teams in the NFL. That is something that Texans have rarely been treated to.

It is good to see the trash being talked as the days wind down to the game. On Sunday, the better team will walk out of AT&T Stadium with a 4-1 record, while the loser will still be 3-2. As a native Texan, I can't help but think that this week's game would make a nice preamble to a February 1st date in Glendale, Arizona. That may be a dream, but heck, everything is bigger and better in Texas.

That should include dreams.

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