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What Bold Move Should Jerry Jones And The Cowboys Make?

The season is already a quarter done. This week's GMC Playbook question deals with making decisive moves.

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The Dallas Cowboys have made it through the first four games of the NFL season, and at 3-1, are in better shape than most of us expected. But Marshall Faulk wants to remind us that you can never stand pat in the NFL. Here is this week's GMC Playbook question.

The Cowboys have already made some bold and decisive moves this season. A couple that spring to mind are signing Rolando McClain and going all in on the running game. So far, things are working out pretty well. But there is a lot of football to play yet, and you always want to be taking steps to make things better.

On the field, there really isn't a lot that needs to be changed at this point. Tony Romo looks to be returning to the top of his game. DeMarco Murray is simply in full beast mode. Dez Bryant is still doing Dez things, including helping pave the way for Murray.The defense, while still very much a work in progress, is at least showing signs that it can provide enough resistance to the other team to help the offense stay ahead on the scoreboard. And special teams seem to be holding up their end of the bargain quite well.

So what bold, even daring move could the team make? Well, at the coaching level, nothing comes immediately to mind. There are certainly no big, splashy personnel moves that come to mind, especially for a team that has a bit over $5 million in cap space. The plan in all three phases of the game seems pretty solid and not in need of anything major.

By process of elimination, that takes us to the owner and general manager, Jerry Jones. Here is a man who has never shied away from the bold and decisive move. And recently, there was word that he may be considering something that fits this concept almost perfectly.

That is it. The ultimate vote of confidence for what the team has done so far, and the belief in what is happening. Shut up all the nattering nabobs of negativity with their eternal prattling about hot seats under Jason Garrett. Ensure that the red-haired one will have the longest tenure of any Cowboys coach not commonly seen wearing a fedora. Make it totally clear that this is a new day in Dallas, that the Garrett process is going to be allowed to continue.

Some would cheer this decision. Others would rise up in anger. The main argument against extending the head coach now is that he has yet to even get to the playoffs. Making the move now would be premature. Of course, there are some who will always hate Garrett and are just waiting for him to go.

But an extension now should serve as a reinforcement for the good things that have gotten the team to 3-1. It would have to bolster Garrett's confidence (not that he is very lacking there) and the confidence of the team in him and themselves. I am just making my best guess here, but I think it would give everyone in the organization a boost. A team that looks like it has really pulled together and developed a real unity would be bound even closer behind their head coach.

Bold. Decisive. Extending Jason Garrett would be both. What do you think about it?

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