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The RKG Philosophy Pays Off In A Win For The Dallas Cowboys

The late Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis, was known for his "Just win, baby" attitude. On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys lived up to that philosophy by gritting out an ugly win over the Texans at AT&T Stadium.

Split 'em for the win!
Split 'em for the win!
Tom Pennington

Over the three 8-8 seasons that Jason Garrett has been at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys there has been plenty of criticism leveled against the squad. One of the more common derogatory statements has revolved around the Cowboys inability to dig down deep and find that little something extra that will allow the team to prevail on any given Sunday. Call it a will to win or a refuse to lose mentality; whatever it is, the Cowboys of 2011-2013 did not have it. Unfortunately that "it" is what separates good teams from mediocre ones. We all know where Dallas has fit in of late.

Against the Houston Texans on Sunday, Jason Garrett's team seemed to have found that special something that all to often makes a difference during their overtime victory that sent the team's record to 4-1 on the season. The opening lines of the Shreveport Times coverage of the game could stand alone and tell the story.

In Sunday's overtime alone, the Dallas Cowboys needed a stop from their defense and big plays from DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo and Dan Bailey.

They all came through.

Like, I am sure, many other 'Boys fans I was thinking "Here we go again" as the game clock wound toward zero. There have been far too many times over recent years where the Cowboys have not come through. This time was different; the Cowboys finally saw the fruits of investing in what Coach Garrett calls the right kind of guy.

"The guys kept fighting. We have the right kind of guys on our team. They have the right demeanor; the right mind-set." - Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys that I have watched and written about over the last few years would not have came through in the end to pull this one out. Granted, there was no quit in those teams; this group has fought and scratched ever since Garrett took over for Wade Phillips on an interim basis, but they were not able to find a way to get things done. Against the Texans they found something. Yes the game was ugly, but in it there was something beautiful. Jason Garrett and his band of RKG's learned how to win.

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