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What A Ride

It’s time for me to ride into the BTB sunset.

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It was almost two years ago, that I joined the staff here at BTB, my first post was a break-down of the base Tampa Two coverage that Monte Kiffin would bring with him to Dallas as their new offensive coordinator.

Since then, I’ve done things I never thought  I would do, I was able to smile proudly when my buddy Rabble posted an article that was referenced live on ESPN, NFL Network and more as fans of every team compared their teams 2013 draft picks to the grades on the Cowboys draft board. I have had my posts linked to by ESPN, and other more "mainstream" sports information sources, had the privilege of appearing on half a dozen different Podcasts, as well as radio stations all across this football loving country of ours and along the way I’ve made friends I’ve never met, yet consider as close as any in my life, folks who share my passion for this game, and the team that wears the star.

For all of this I owe an immense debt of gratitude, first of all to Dave, our fearless leader, who created this amazing place, and gave me this great opportunity, to KD Drummond, who pushed hard for me to join the staff, to Rabble, and OCC who have been there for advice and wisdom when I needed it, and to the rest of the FPW’s, Tom, Dawn, Kegbearer, Neithan2000, and Coach Gary, my colleagues who do such an amazing job filling this page with in-depth and high quality content to quench our Cowboy related thirsts.

All of that being said this post will be my last as a part of the BTB staff. I found this place late in 2011 and, as most die-hard BTBers will tell you, got completely hooked once I started commenting a few months later, and never could have dreamed the opportunities it would afford. I am still contemplating my future so I hope you will follow my personal twitter @JoeyIckes if you’ve enjoyed reading my work here.  My last thank you goes out to you guys (and gals), the readers, commenters, mods etc., who have been a huge part of this journey with me, and have made it such an enjoyable ride.

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