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Introducing BTB's New Social Media Guy

Welcome a new member of the BTB universe.

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Hey BTB: I want introduce a new contributor to the BTB universe. Our Twitter is without a voice now that Joey has left, so Jamie Plunkett is going to step in. I know, you guys are going who the heck is that? Well, Jamie has done plenty of work at SB Nation and he's been helping me with the BTB Facebook page for a while now and he's a huge Cowboys fan. He has the skills needed for social media, so please welcome him aboard. I know he's a newcomer to us, but play nice!
Thanks, Dave

Here is Jamie--

Hey all, my name is Jamie Plunkett, and I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I'll be taking over the BTB social media accounts now that Joey Ickes is stepping aside. If you don't already, go follow BTB on Twitter and like us on Facebook. They are two great ways to interact with BTB beyond the blog, and to stay up to date on all the latest Cowboys information.

I was born and raised in Dallas, and grew up a Cowboys fan. I was still a little kid when the 'Boys won their three championships in the early 90's (I turned eight a few months before the 1995 Super Bowl) so winning championships is just a distant memory. However, my dad recorded all three games on VHS, and we still have those to this day. I was at the 2007 divisional playoff game in my "Tony Romo for President" shirt, and I was at the Week 17 game against the Eagles (thanks for nothing, Orton). I've been to a few games between now and then as well, but I'm excited to post up on my couch and chat about the games while they're happening!

A little more background on me, I'm the Managing Editor for Frogs O' War, TCU's SB Nation site, and I also contribute to Mavs Moneyball. Social media is my passion, and it's what I used to do for a living, so I'm excited to get back into it again.

If you're interested, you can also follow my personal account, @thedsportsrant. I'll chat about pretty much anything with you there.

I'm excited to get going, and to help grow BTB's social media presence!

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