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Tyrone Crawford To Practice On Wednesday; Expects To Play Against Giants

Tyrone Crawford sat out the game against the Jaguars with a sprained MCL, but expects to be back in action against the Giants.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The bye week couldn't have come at a more opportune time for Tyrone Crawford. After suffering a strained MCL against the Cardinals, Crawford sat out the game against the Jaguars in London, and has used the bye week to get in a lot of rehab.

"It’s all right," Crawford said Thursday. "I’m feeling a lot better. Me and [associate athletic trainer Britt Brown] have been working, doing different things rehab-wise to strengthen it, so it’s feeling good."

Crawford’s goal is to improve his lateral movement, something he’ll be working on at the team’s Valley Ranch practice facility during their bye week.

"This is the greatest time for the bye week to come," Crawford said, "for me at least."

Today, Crawford and several Cowboys teammates served an early Thanksgiving Day meal at a Salvation Army Center, and Crawford said he expects to practice Wednesday.

"It was definitely more than my knee that I had to get healed up and everything," he said. "Not everything is completely healed but it’s good enough where I can go out there and not put a horrible display out there."

If he practices on Wednesday, that would put Crawford on track to play against the New York Giants on November 23.

The Cowboys' D-line did well against the Jaguars without Crawford, but even though Crawford has yet to record a sack, there is no doubt that the D-line will be a better unit with Crawford playing. Crawford has 22 tackles, 19 quarterback pressures, two tackles for loss and a pass deflection in nine games.

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