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Who Is Your Favorite Dallas Cowboy Of All Time?

The BTB Community thrives on open discussion, it is what makes this site the place that it is, and with that I am going to throw out a topic that is sure to generate a plethora of opinions but no right answers.

Even Los Lonely Boys proudly rock the star
Even Los Lonely Boys proudly rock the star
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We used to have a periodic piece called Community Friday here at BTB that threw the floor open for discussion about a general Cowboys topic and allowed the community to get to know a little bit more about each other. These posts were fun and generally light-hearted. In short, they were enjoyed by all. In that spirit, and with a tip of the proverbial hat to my friend and former colleague KD Drummond, who used to author the posts, I am going to open the floor to you, the BTB community, to get your input on one specific topic:

Who is your favorite all-time Dallas Cowboy?

There is one thing, however - before the floor is opened up, I am going to give you my choice, well my choices, for my all-time favorites. The first of my favorites should come as no surprise to those who have been long-time readers. I have referred to this player several times since I started writing FanPosts a few years ago.  As a young girl, Danny White stood out to me because he was the quarterback of America's Team. I have no memories of seeing Roger Staubach lead the Cowboys, but I do remember Danny leading the team to several NFC Championship games. Until the dynasty era teams came along, those achievements were how I defined success, and White played a considerable role in that achievement. In my opinion, Danny White's biggest fault was that he was not Roger Staubach and too many fans in Dallas were ready to crucify him for that. As Tom Landry once stated, White had the challenge of replacing the quarterback who defined the Dallas Cowboys for many, and in Landry's own opinion, there was nobody who could have done a better job of filling that role.

Since I already mentioned him, I will say that my second favorite Cowboy of all time is Coach Landry. A native of Texas, Tom Landry was the perfect man to build a franchise, but for the first few years of his tenure, it would have been hard to find anyone except Clint Murchison who would have agreed with that statement. Coach was an innovator on both sides of the line of scrimmage, but it is not his football knowledge that ultimately made him the icon for Cowboys fans of all ages. Landry was the embodiment of what it meant to represent the city of Dallas. There was a mystique about Mr. Landry, one that he never sought to create for himself, that set him apart. Tom Landry stood for being a class act, he was a consummate professional, and most of all a shining example of what a person should strive to be. An engineer by training, Landry would have undoubtedly been a success in any field that he chose to pursue thanks to his sense of dedication and commitment to his job. Coach Landry is, at least in my opinion, the embodiment of what it takes to wear the star in the manner with which it should be worn.

Now it is your turn. I would like to know who is your all time favorite Dallas Cowboy. There are just a few things I ask:

1. Keep the discussion civil. As I stated there are no right or wrong answers. Everyone has an opinion and many of those will vary.

2. Respect each other. This group does a good job of that, and I am sure we will all continue to do so.

3. This is the most important rule of all. Have some fun with this stroll down memory lane. For all of us, football is something that we enjoy. That is why we are here; we love to share our passion for the game, so take a moment and enjoy the time without any Cowboys action by creating an enjoyable conversation.

So, let's hear it folks....

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