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Join The BTB FanDuel Private League

If so inclined, joins us for some fantasy competition.

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Ben Horton/Getty Images

If you interested in some fantasy football competition with your fellow BTBers, read on. Each week FanDuel has been sponsoring this blog, helping us keep the lights on, while promoting their fantasy game. This week, we're setting up a BTB league. This isn't a free league, it requires a $5 entry fee and there are $400 in winnings. The league has 88 open spots, so let's see if we can fill it up.

You can click here to join the Blogging The Boys FanDuel league this week.

Once you've entered, you're given a $60,000 salary cap to fill out your team. You get to play GM and decide if you want to invest a lot of money into a few superstars, then fill out the rest of your squad with cheap hopefuls. Or you can try to stretch your money across all positions and pick mid-tier players who you hope will have big days.

So come on over and play, I'll be joining in and invite everyone else to join.

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