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Cowboys @ Giants: Tony Romo, Offensive Line Dominate When It Matters Most In 31-28 Win

The Dallas Cowboys turned to Tony Romo with the game on the line Sunday night, and just as he's done many times before, he lead his team back to a huge win.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys had managed to turn things around in impressive fashion during Sunday night's game, thanks to two third quarter touchdown passes from Tony Romo. The 'Boys had the lead 24-21 heading into the fourth quarter, but Eli Manning and the New York Giants weren't even close to done. The Giants went on a 93-yard drive to score the go-ahead touchdown with three minutes remaining. The rest of the story? Well, that's where the fun really begins.

With the Cowboys down 28-24, all eyes turned to Romo. It was his time. He had to lead this team back past a divisional rival who was looking to hand the team their third loss in the last four games. Romo's seen this before, and he's had to lead comebacks plenty of times, as we all know. The question was, could he do it on this day? On the road against one of the Cowboys' biggest rivals?

You bet he could.

Romo officially completed his 27th career game winning drive in the fourth quarter/overtime on this night, and he did it in incredibly impressive fashion. It was a combination of Romo and the offensive line that was built to protect the franchise quarterback, who truly got Dallas their eighth win of the season.

The Final Drive

On the Cowboys' final drive, Romo literally had so much time on certain plays, that he could scan the field once, and then a second time in order to find an open receiver. The often-criticized quarterback took the Cowboys from their own 20-yard line with three minutes on the clock, all the way down for the game-winning touchdown with 1:01 left. To make it even more impressive, Romo went 6/6 passing with 66 yards and the touchdown to Dez Bryant to complete the comeback.

You literally couldn't have written a better ending than this one. It's the type of game where the critics come out and instantly things start to turn against Romo if he doesn't make the big play. Well, he made the play, and the offensive line did even more than anyone could have asked of them on that final drive.

Jason Pierre-Paul and the rest of the Giants' pass-rush may have caused some issues for the talented offensive line at certain points in this game, but when the time came to step up, they went into complete shutdown mode.

While the full credit on the final drive goes to Romo, his offensive line and the wide receivers, you can't overlook yet another incredibly impressive all-around game from running back DeMarco Murray. Murray ran hard and created so many openings for the passing game. He rushed 24 times for 121 yards, and also caught two passes for 22 yards.

Romo, Cowboys Have Different Mindset In 2014

We said there was a good chance that Romo could be poised to lead the way against the Giants. Fortunately for Cowboys' fans, we all got exactly what we wanted. Dallas didn't go away from the run game, which, in turn, made Romo's life much easier on Sunday night. While he wasn't forced to throw the ball 40 times, he completed 18 of 26 passes, but what was even more impressive is what he did with those 18 completions. He threw for 275 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

This is a different Cowboys' team and it's showing on a weekly basis. This team doesn't stress if they fall behind, and there's complete discipline in most situations when they are ahead. Romo is playing the best football of his career currently, while making smart plays and letting the game come to him.

Another huge difference? The fact that the Cowboys believe completely in their defense. When Manning and the Giants got the ball back with 1:01 left on the clock, and three timeouts remaining, even Cris Collinsworth said there was plenty of time for Manning. The defense did their job though, just like they've done all year.

An impressive comeback against a divisional rival in prime time. What a great way to start a week if you're a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

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