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Jason Witten: "We Had The Poise To Go Do It"

The future Hall Of Fame tight end sees a different Cowboys team this season, and he credits that difference as being the impetus for Sunday night's critical victory over the Giants.

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From my point of view, one of the best things about being on the front page here at Blogging The Boys is the opportunity to interact with members of the community via Twitter. We have some of the most knowledgeable fans in the game and I enjoy the chance to discuss the team with our readers. It is thanks to such a conversation that I owe credit for this post.

On Sunday night the Dallas Cowboys tried their best to show us the answer. After surrendering three touchdowns on three consecutive drives to start the game, Jason Garrett's team managed to find something inside that allowed them to snatch victory from the jaws of what should have been a humbling defeat at the hands of the now 3-8 New York Giants.

It was not pretty. Early on in the game, my friend and colleague, Tom Ryle, sent out multiple tweets about how the lackluster performance was making him feel sick to his stomach. I, and I am sure most of you, could relate. The Cowboys were out of sync to start the game and the Giants were the ones playing like they were the team in the middle of the race for the NFC East crown. It was like watching the Cowboys of the recent past. We have seen late season collapses from this franchise before; there were moments where those memories came flooding back.

This time it was different. This Cowboys team, one that has trailed the St. Louis Rams 21-0 and the Seattle Seahawks 10-0 before going on to win, knows that they have the ability to rally and win. They have proven it to the world, and more important, they have proven it to themselves. Jason Garrett has spent his tenure as a head coach developing a culture when the team knows that they can overcome any situation and where they believe in themselves no matter what. On Sunday night fans saw the results of Garrett's efforts.

Where the Cowboys would have once panicked at the early deficit, this group remained in control and followed the process that had been laid out for them. Adjustments were made at all levels, and the Cowboys were able to overcome not one but two New York leads. This came about for one reason: the 2014 Dallas Cowboys believe in themselves, in each other, and in their coaching staff. They know that they can win every time they set foot on the field. That belief has made all the difference for this team.

"We've always been tough, but we haven't always played with poise. We've panicked. We weren't consistent to start this game, but we knew what we had to do to win it, and we had the poise to go do it.

"We're a group that fights. We've done it before, but we've come up short. It feels good to come up on the other side. This win is big, even though we didn't play great."  - Jason Witten

With five games yet to be played, including two against the Philadelphia Eagles, there is still a lot for this team to prove. Garrett and his team will have to continue to fight every step of the way to show us that they are not the Cowboys of the recent past, but for now it is beginning to look to me like this Dallas Cowboys team can actually seal the deal.

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