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Let The Games Begin: Eagles Defensive Lineman Takes Shot At Cowboys Offensive Line

It must be Eagles week.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's too bad this is such a short week, otherwise who knows what levels of verbal mischief the Eagles and the Cowboys could reach. The rhetoric was kicked off today by Philadelphia defensive tackle Bennie Logan. The second-year player out of LSU just isn't buying that the Cowboys offensive line is anything special. (Drat, I just penned a loving ode to those big uglies.)

Asked for his impressions of the Dallas offensive line, Logan said simply: "They’re OK."

Just OK?

"Yeah, they’re OK," Logan continued. "I don’t really know what’s great about them."

"The running back’s having a good year running, but I don’t see anything spectacular about them," he said at his locker after practice. "Same offensive line we faced last year and they have one new guy. We faced them [before]. They’re OK linemen. But I don’t think there’s anything spectacular or special about them."

Nice. If he can back it up, more power to him. If the Eagles defensive line, and defense overall, can shut down the Cowboys running game and their offense, then they have earned the right to call the Cowboys line ordinary. Still, probably not what you want to say before heading into the game. Those big uglies can get pretty ticked off.

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