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Fletcher Cox, DeMarco Murray Chime In After Bennie Logan Starts The Trash Talking Fun

Bennie Logan added more fuel to the already-hot fire, but both DeMarco Murray and Fletcher Cox have chimed in as we build up to Thursday night.

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It didn't even take 24 hours after the Dallas Cowboys had defeated the New York Giants for the trash talking to begin. It was Philadelphia Eagles' defensive tackle, Bennie Logan, who started the fun when the topic of the Cowboys' offensive line was brought up. Logan stated that he doesn't "really know what's so great about them" when referring to one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Have no fear though, as the NFL's leading rusher, DeMarco Murray, had his response to the topic with four simple words.

"Let's find out Thursday." Murray said.

It's obvious why Murray is ready to let his, and the offensive lines' game, do the talking. Murray has rushed for 1,354 yards on 268 carries, good for a 5.1 YPC average, with seven touchdowns. As for the offensive line, they've obviously played a massive role in Murray's success, as this group has helped the Cowboys rush for the second most yards in the league thus far, and also average the second highest YPC. And as for their job of protecting the quarterback? Well, they've been pretty good at that as well, allowing the fifth-fewest quarterback hits of any team in the league and the 11th-fewest sacks, with just 21 through 11 games.

It's obvious that the Eagles are tired of hearing about the running game and Murray, but there's a reason why his season is being talked about league-wide to this point. Apparently, another defensive lineman for the Eagles, Fletcher Cox, is tired of talking about Murray as well though.

"I'm just tired of hearing about it," Cox said after Tuesday's practice. "We could have played them today. It wouldn't have mattered. We don't play until Thursday. We'll see who's better."

That was just the start of it though, as Cox went on to defend his own defense, while also talking about the Cowboys just a bit more.

"People don't give us the credit we deserve," Cox said, railing against critics of himself and his defensive line teammates. "But we put it on tape and we showed the world that we can stop the run. Anyone who's ever watched football and knows what our defensive line is known for, that's stopping the run."

"Some people have never played football in their life and think they know what they're talking about. We know what we see on tape and we'll see on Thursday."

"They have the same blocking scheme. The same everything. The same plays. They're just having a good year and having success running it."

Well, well. If you wanted some bulletin board material, I think we've officially found it. Bennie Logan decided to start the fun, but Fletcher Cox kept it going. As for Murray, he decided that four simple words would be the best response that he could give. Let's get ready for a massive Thanksgiving matchup.

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